JEB004 - Ekonomie II

Credit: 6
Status: Bachelors - All
Bachelors - core
Semester - summer
Course supervisors: doc. PhDr. Tomáš Havránek Ph.D.
Course homepage: JEB004
Literature: Samuelson P.A., Nordhaus W.D.: Economie, nakl. Svoboda, Praha
Mankiw N.G. : Zásady ekonomie, Grada 1999
Holman R.: Ekonomie, C.H.Beck, Praha 1999

Další materiály ke kurzu jsou k dispozici v SISu.
Description: This course is a first introduction to Macroeconomics. We will study the economy as a whole and try to explain various phenomena that can be observed in the economy on the aggregate level. We will analyze fluctuations in economic activity over time, unemployment, inflation. We will discuss the role of government, in particular the fiscal and monetary policy. To illustrate these issues we will use standard AD-AS and IS-LM modeling frameworks.




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