JEB009 - Makroekonomie I

Credit: 6
Hours weekly: 2/2
Status: Bachelors - All
Bachelors - core
Semester - winter
Obligatory courses: JEB004 - Ekonomie II
Recommended courses:
Course supervisors: PhDr. Michal Hlaváček Ph.D.
Teachers: PhDr. Michal Hlaváček Ph.D.
Assistants: Ing. Michala Moravcová
Schedule: see Moodle
Literature: [1] Cahlík, Hlaváček, Seidler: Makroekonomie. Skripta Karolinum 2010.
[2] Mankiw: Macroeconomics. Fifth edition, 2003
[3] Dornbush, Fisher: Makroekonomie, šesté vydání, 1994
Description: The course acquaints students with macroeconomic indexes and with national accounts system. Behaviour of the economy especially in short run is explained, stressing the business cycle and concerns to generation, distribution and allocation of national income. The course also solves problems of small open economy and money markets.
Content: (1) What is macroeconomics. Economic theories and models. Methods.
Business cycles, price level and natural GDP, long and short time
horizont. Stabilization politics.
(2) Measurment of economic activity, price changes and unemployment. National income accounts. Flow of funds. I-O
(3) General classical model.
(4) Effective demand. Consumption and investment.
Income-expenditure model.
(5) Liquidity preference theory. IS-LM model.
(6) AD-AS model: AD curve. AS curve.
(7) General keynesian model. Liquidity and investment trap.
(8) Money supply. Monetary politics.I
(9) Money supply. Monetary politics.II
(10) Money demand.
(11) Exchange rate and balance of payment.
(12) IS-LM-BP model.
(13) AD-AS model for open economy.
Examination dates:
Course requirements: Passing a midterm and final test.
Downloadable: Lecture 3B 2012
Lecture 4 2014
Lecture 5 2014
Lecture 6 2014
Lecturee 3 2014
Lectures 1 and 2 2014
Lectures 10 and 11 2014
Lectures 7 to 9 2014




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