JEM181 - Data Science with R

Credit: 6
Status: Bachelors - All
Bachelors - elective
BEF - elective
CFS - elective
ET - elective
F,FM and B - elective
Masters - all
MEF - elective
Semester - winter
Course supervisors: doc. PhDr. Ladislav Krištoufek Ph.D.
Course homepage: JEM181
Literature: Mandatory literature:
- Toomey, Dan (2014): R for Data Science, Packt Publishing Ltd., Birmingham, UK
- Zumel, Nina & Mount, John (2014): Practical Data Science with R, Manning Publications Co., Shelter Island, NY, USA

Additional suggested literature:
- Grolemung, Garret (2014): Hands-On Programming with R, O'Reilly Media Inc., Sebastopol, CA, USA
- Ojeda, Tony et al. (2014): Practical Data Science Cookbook, Packt Publishing Ltd., Birmingham, UK

On-line sources:
Description: Introductory course to Data Science with applications in the R programming environment. Special focus is put on data visualization, data & text mining, and machine learning methods.


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