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Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT): IES student scored Top 5 in Europe, the Middle East and Africa


A huge success was accomplished by IES student Robert Ševinský in February 2015. He made it into the Hall of Fame of the Bloomberg Institute thanks to his top performance in the BAT. With a score of 670 he ranked in the 98th percentile and thus in the Top 5 for all of Europe, The Middle East and Africa. Congratulations!



Robert shared with us his opinion on the BAT, what it gave to him and how he thinks it would help in his future career:

„The BAT is very complex test that covers wide range of topics from financial mathematics to investment banking and thoroughly examine student abilities and knowledge acquired during university studies. In contrary to university tests the BAT questions are mostly focused on basic theoretical knowledge without going much into technical details, however the range of questions and time pressure are enormous. Regarding preparation I think it is the best to just shortly recap basic economic and financial theory notions and learn to be fast. For me BAT was an excellent opportunity to compare my knowledge and abilities with other students worldwide. Additionally I perceived the BAT as a way to show employers my abilities in a wide variety of relevant business areas so I expected that a good score could be an easy way to improve my CV.“ 

Remember that you can also attend BAT at IES FSS CU. Come to the next session on 15th April at 14:30, room 016.

Autor - Mgr. Drahomíra Glacová

July 2020




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