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14/04/2016 - Introduction to Wolfram Mathematica

We invite all (especially undergraduate) students to a free seminar that introduces Wolfram Mathematica on Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 at 12:30, room 314.

Mathematica is a mathematical computation and visualisation sofware which is available to our students free. Program: Stephen Wolfram "Computing a theory of all knowledge", Zdeněk Buk and Jiří Kukačka "How to start Mathematica at the IES". Feel free to come.

15/04/2015 - Wolfram Mathematica at the IES

Wednesday April 22, Opletalova 26, room 314, from 12:30 to 14:00. Program: Steve Wolfram (father of Mathematica): Computing a Theory of All Knowledge. Jiří Kukačka: How to get Mathematica at the IES.  Zdeněk Buk: Introduction to Mathematica. Feel free to come, please be in time.

17/02/2014 - Workshop on ISI Emerging Markets Database: for students, teachers, staff...

04/10/2012 - Office Hours of doc. Cahlik Cancelled

From October 8 to November 9 - foreign trip. Mail works in a standard way.




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