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17/11/2009 - ELBF seminar: Petra Benesova, Imperfections of CDO's Valuation

The seminar will be as usual: Tuesday, November 24, 2009, room 601, starting at 18:30.

28/07/2008 - Analyst, Retail Portfolio Management

In the case you are interested in part-time or full time positions dealing with contract portfolio management in a leading Czech gas company, please contact me on my e-mail. I will give you more information.

The positions are open for any IES alumni or current students who already received at least his/her Bc degree. 

03/01/2008 - Portfolio management position with RWE

Job description: - Management of contract portfolio with distribution and trading companies - Creation of risk analysis, commercial evaluations and sales demand forecasts - Quantitative valuation and sales of structured financial products - Creation of internal evaluation/optimization tools - Business report creation - Support internal Back-office procedures

18/04/2007 - RWE International Graduate Program

RWE offers to highly motivated IES students its 18 months program. The program is targeted to PhD students or to the top students who already received their Mgr. degree. Deadline: April 30, 2007

07/11/2006 - Presentation RWE Transgas-The evolution of the Czech gas industry

E-club jointly with the Transgas-RWE Group Chair in Economics organize the lecture by Markus Rövekamp, the director of Corporate Development and Strategy of RWE Transgas Net, on 14.11.2006 at 18:30, room 314.

01/06/2006 - Call for Chairs in Economics Prize for the Best Thesis

The holders of the McKinsey and RWE-Transgas Chairs of Economics invite applications for the Chairs in Economics Prize for the Best Thesis. The prize in value of Kc 30000 (thirty thousand) will be awarded for the best thesis submitted at IES in the academic year 2005-2006. Any Bachelors Theses, Diploma Theses, Rigorosis Diploma Theses or Doctoral Dissertation submitted to IES since May 2005 is eligible. This year Chairs of Economics Prize will be funded by RWE-Transgas, therefore the theses dealing with regulation or portfolio management or any topics connected with energy sector are especially invited for application. Application procedure: Send your name, title of theses, type of thesis (Bachelors, Diploma etc.), name of your advisor, month of submission (or month of defense in the case the thesis was already defended) to Add the short (up to 1 page) description of the theses and its principal research or practical contribution. In the case your thesis was already defended, add the grade, honor, distinction, prizes nominations for your thesis. The theses will be evaluated based on their quality in their class – i.e. very good bachelors thesis will be evaluated higher than average quality doctoral dissertation. The Prize winner will be selected by a panel Chairs in Economics. Deadline for application: June 22, 2006

27/03/2006 - Diplomove a bakalarske prace na price risk management, portfolio management nebo plynarenstvi

Zajemci o vyse uvedena temata maji jedinecnou moznost kontaktovat a konzultovat pracovniky portfolia managementu RWE Transgas na prezentaci 5.dubna, 15:30-16:50, mistnost 109. Zajemci o bakalarske a diplomove prace ve spolupraci s RWE Transgas mi mohou take primo e-mailovat na moji adresu

22/03/2006 - RWE Transgas internshipy, diplomove a bakalarske prace a prezentace Price risk management

Ve stredu 5. dubna od 15:30 do 16:50 v mistnosti 109 v ramci cviceni k predmetu Corporate Finance bude prezentace oddeleni portfolio managementu RWE Transgas zabyvajici se praktickymi problemy v "real life" corporate finance. Tema prednasky je Price risk management a podrobnejsi zamereni je na Traditional markets vs. new trading hubs Soucasti prednasky bude i kratka informace o moznostech zpracovani bakalarskych a diplomovych praci, internshipech a zamestnani v RWE Transgas. Zvani jsou vsichni bakalarsti i magistersti studenti majici zajem.

11/05/2005 - Doporucuji internship nebo diplomku s ČEZ

Prezentace společnosti ČEZ a.s. se uskuteční ve čtvrtek 12.května od 15.30 hodin v místnosti 206. Hlavní host: ALAN SVOBODA (místopředseda představenstva) a dále pracovníci oddělení HR Barbora Pencová a Lenka Málková.

15/03/2005 - Microeconomics of Banking and Micro Advanced II

The midterm exam number 1 will be postponed to Monday April 4. There will be an ordinary lecture on March 21.

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