PhDr. Lucie Bryndová - Conferences

international conference

2009 - Financial Sustainability of Health Systems

2009 - First regional follow-up meeting on the Tallinn Charter: “Health Systems, Health and Wealth”

2008 - 4th International Health Summit: Health Care Purchasing for Improved Outcomes

2008 - 4th International Health Summit: Health Care Purchasing for Improved Outcomes

2008 - Health is a luxury. Do we know how to finance it?; Health Policy Institute

2008 - WHO European Ministerial Conference on Health Systems: "Health Systems, Health and Wealth"

2007 - Consumer Driven Health Care: Focus on Patients (3rd International Health Summit)

2006 - 14th international travel insurance conference, 3rd international private healthcare conference

2005 - Central Europe and Baltic Countries - Current Issues in Fiscal Reform, World Bank conference

2005 - European Health Care Systems: Need for Substantial Change (International Health Summit conference)

2005 - World Pension Forum: Overcoming Obstacles – Is Potential Becoming Reality?

national conference

2008 - Czech Healthcare Forum

2006 - PULS 2006

2005 - Czech Healthcare Forum

2005 - Health care - a drain on public budgets?

international workshop

2007 - The World Bank Workshop on Health Financing, Competition and Strategic Purchasing

national workshop

2008 - Ekofórum VŠE, 27.11.2008

2008 - Healthcare Reform Guide: Changes in Social Health Insurance; CMC Graduate School of Business

2008 - Specializační kurz Veřejné zdravotnictví, IPVZ Praha

2008 - Zdravotní plány se spoluúčastí a spořícími zdravotními účty: Cesta k zdravotnictví, které respektuje potřeby pacientů

2007 - Dialog to Change: Slovak Experience

internal workshop

2008 - seminář o reformě zdravotnictví, E-klub




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