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UNDP EPIN Economic Policy Institutes Network (2005-2006)

Principal investigator: † prof. Ing. Michal Mejstřík CSc.
Collaborators: doc. Ing. Vladimír Benáček CSc.
prof. Ing. Oldřich Dědek CSc.
prof. Ing. Karel Janda M.A., Dr., Ph.D.
PhDr. Zdeněk Kudrna PhD.
† prof. Ing. Michal Mejstřík CSc.
doc. Ing. Ondřej Schneider MPhil., Ph.D.
Description: This project supports development of economic policy institutes (EPI) in Euroasian RBEC countries in transition with particular emphasis on low and middle income countries. An important member of EPIN is the Institute of Economic Studies - on the Mentoring project there are six participating researchers from IES. The principal goal of the initiative is to develop the capacity of economic policy institutes in the target countries so as to provide these countries with independent, sophisticated voices in policy issues by establishing a cooperative network between EPIs from developed countries (including EU accession states) and EPIs from CIS and SEE countries
- organizing targeted training on substantive and administrative technical issues as well as professional exchanges, including secondments and twining arrangements between the EPIs
- facilitating joint research amongst network member institutes
- facilitating networking by means of conferences, joint meetings, with particular stress on electronic information and knowledge exchange (through the new "Development and Transition newsletter, networks, forums, databases, libraries, etc.)
Participation: UNDP
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Finance: The United Nations Development Programme
End date: 06/2006

UNDP - EPIN final mentoring graduation meeting, Baku 2006




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