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GAUK No. 286517 Koherentní poptávkový systém uvažující selektivitu

Řešitel: Ing. Mgr. Šarlota Smutná, MSc.
Spolupracovníci: Mgr. Milan Ščasný PhD.
Popis: Summary
This research project focuses on the household demand analysis, particularly on the elasticities as they have a variety of usage. For example, they serve to evaluate the impacts of regulations or exogenous shocks through microsimulations or macrostructural models. Hence, the unbiased values of elasticities are of great importance. Specifically, this project will focus on the demand analysis upon the microdata, which can contain different percentage of zeros. The zero observations can lead to selectivity problem, which causes biased results. First goal of this project is to compare available treatment techniques. Their comparison linked to different demand systems is missing in the current literature and can be helpful to other researches in their decision on treatment technique. Secondly, we will focus on the price definitions of goods, which differ over studies and can lead to different results. Their effects on the results are also unavailable in the literature and this project aims to fill the gap. The last goal is to exploit the output of previous steps in order to analyse the demand of Czech households for food and energy and its evolution over the last 20 years. Such extensive and complex analysis has not been conducted on the Czech data yet.
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Finance: Accepted for financing in March 2017
Konec: 2019

Selectivity Problem in Demand Analysis: Single Equation Approach


Slovak Economic Association Meeting (SEAM 2017)

The 8th International Research Meeting in Business and Management

Červenec 2018


McKinsey & Company
Moneta Money Bank