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GAUK 1372519

Řešitel: Mgr. Kateřina Chadimová
Popis: Application of Behavioral Economics to Healthcare Sector: The lab and field evidence from the Czech Republic: Although healthcare prevention programs are increasingly available to majority of population, they often remain unused. We hypothesize that a low compliance rate stems from existence of various cognitive biases and misjudgment that is typical for decision-making related to our health. In a planned natural field experiment we want to examine strategies how to increase compliance rate with the health prevention programs. Therefore, we have addressed a Czech leading company in automotive industry that offers such programs to its employees. In addition, we plan to run a complementary laboratory experiment, in which the results of the field experiment would be predicted, evaluating possibilities to assess the effectiveness of the field treatments in advance.
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Finance: GAUK 1372519, accepted 03/2019
Konec: 2021

Carrots, Sticks, or Simplicity? Field Evidence on What Makes People Pay TV Fees

Foretelling What Makes People Pay: Predicting the Results of Field Experiments on TV Fee Enforcement

Foretelling what makes people pay: Predicting the results of field experiments on TV fee enforcement


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Doctoral Workshop




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