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GAUK 862119 (2019-2021) Renewable Energy Financial Modeling

Principal investigator: MSc. Binyi Zhang
Collaborators: prof. Ing. Karel Janda M.A., Dr., Ph.D.
Description: Given the recent rapid extensions in the renewable energy industry in China, there are increasing investment opportunities and financial activities in green energy companies across the Chinese financial markets. Therefore, it is essential for financial investors and policymakers to extend their knowledge to recognise the determinants of returns and volatility dynamics of renewable energy stocks, and also underline possible linkages between renewable energy stocks and other associated financial indices, such as technology, fossil fuel, and carbon emission allowances. Thus, a well-developed econometric model is expected to provide green investors with relevant knowledge regarding renewable energy stock pricing, portfolio optimisation and hedging. This research project intends to extend the present literature to the Chinese market to facilitate the risk management of green investors in the Chinese market. The research project will develop a serial of econometric models to test the empirical significance of theoretical findings regarding the clean energy price dynamics in the Chinese financial market. By mixing both quantitative and qualitative research approaches, this research project mainly deals with two research questions organised as follows:

a) The interactions between China and US stock markets: a perspective from renewable energy stock prices.
b) Investigating how economic variables and financial indices affect renewable energy stock dynamics: evidence from China
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End date: 31.12.2021

The impact of renewable energy and technology innovation on Chinese carbon dioxide emissions, FFA Working Papers 2:003 (2020)


21th International Conference on Environmental Economics, Policy and International Environmental Relations

Summer Academy 2019: Socioeconomic consequences of climate change, disasters, and extreme events: Individual outcomes, regional development, and mitigation policies

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Patria Finance