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Řešitel: Mgr. Milan Ščasný PhD.
Popis: Contracts and Grants:

(i) European Commission – DG Research Framework Programs
Horizon 2020 (2016-2019)
▪ COACCH – CO-designing the Assessment of Climate CHange costs (2017-2021); Topic: SC5-06-2016-2017; coordinated by FEEM/CMCC.
▪ INHERIT – INter-sectoral Health Environment Research for InnovaTions (01/2016-06/2019; H2020-PHC-04-2015-two-stage)
▪ GEMCLIME – Global Excellence in Modelling of Climate and Energy (10/2016-09/2020; H2020-MSCA-RISE-2015 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange RISE program)
Seventh Framework Programme (2008-2016)
▪ ECOCEP – Economic Modeling for Climate and Energy Policies (FP7-PEOPLE 2013-2017; Marie-Curie IRSES-RENNET Program)
▪ ECONADAPT -Economics of climate change adaptation in Europe (2013-2016); role: project partner coordinator
▪ POCACITO: POst-CArbon CIties of TOmorrow – foresight for sustainable pathways towards liveable, affordable and prospering cities in a world context (2014-2016); role: project partner coordinator
▪ CECILIA2050 – Choosing Efficient Combinations of Policy Instruments for Low-carbon development and Innovation to Achieve Europe's 2050 climate targets (2012-2015). FP7 Project No. 308680; role: project partner coordinator
▪ PURGE – Public health impacts in urban environments of greenhouse gas emissions reduction strategies (2011-13); role: project partner coordinator
▪ GLOBAL-IQ – Impact Quantification of Global Changes (2011-2013); role: leader of project partner
▪ PASHMINA - PAradigm SHifts Modelling and INnovative Approaches (2009-2012) ; coordinator of workpackage or stream
▪ IN-STREAM - Integrating Mainstream Economic Indicators with Sustainable Development Objectives (2008-2011); ENV.2007.; role: project partner coordinator
▪ CLIMATECOST - Full Costs of Climate Change (2008-2011); role: project partner coordinator
Sixth Framework Program (2004-2011)
▪ HEIMTSA IP - Health and Environment Integrated Methodology and Toolbox for Scenario Assessment (2007-2011); role: project partner coordinator
▪ EXIOPOL IP - A New Environmental Accounting Framework Using Externality Data and Input-Output Tools for Policy Analysis (2007-2011); role: project partner coordinator
▪ VERHI-Children - Valuation of Environment-Related Health Impacts: Accounting for Differences Across Age and Latency with a Particular Focus on Children (2006-2009); role: project partner coordinator
▪ NEEDS IP - New Energy Externalities Developments for Sustainability (2004-2009); role: 1d. Research Stream Leader, project partner coordinator
▪ DROPS - Development of macro and sectoral economic models aiming to evaluate the role of public health externalities on society (2005-2008); role: project partner coordinator
▪ METHODEX - Methods and data on environmental and health externalities: harmonising and sharing of operational estimates (2004-2006); role: project partner coordinator
Fifth Framework Program (2002-2006)
▪ COMETR - Competitiveness effects of environmental tax reforms (2004-2006); role: researcher
▪ EXTERNE-POL- Externalities of Energy: Extension of accounting framework and Policy Applications (2002-2004); role: project partner coordinator
▪ SUS-TOOLS - Tools for sustainability: Development and application of an integrated framework (2003-2004); role: project partner coordinator
▪ cCASHh - Climate Change and adaptation strategies for human health in Europe (2002-2004); researcher
▪ MOSUS - Modelling Opportunities and Limits for Restructuring Europe Towards Sustainability (2002-2005); researcher

(ii) European Commission (other than FP programs) and EU institutions, EEC & Norwegian Funds
▪ 2015-2016: WATER-IND: Analysis of industrial water use in Hungary, Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia – a consultancy study commissioned by JRC European Commission, Ispra
▪ 2015-2016: Review of Energy Prices and Tariffs. (coordination by Ecofys, funded by DG TAXUD)
▪ Podpora výměny informací o dopadech změny klimatu a adaptačních opatření na národní a regionální úrovni (EHP a NF, 2015-2016); Research team member, WP coordinator
▪ 2014-2017: IRSES-RENNET: Economic Modeling for Climate and Energy Policies (FP7-PEOPLE 2013-2017); Support of scientific mobility and research secondments between the EU and US-CAN-AUS-NZ-RSA. Deputy of project coordinator
▪ 2014: CLIMATE-ADAPT Science-Policy forum: workshops for the dissemination and exchange of adaptation-related knowledge to policy makers (Milieu Project No. 1598.13, funded by DG CLIMA)
▪ 2013: Innovation and Energy Support: An inventory EEA32 countries; coordinated by Ecologic, the review of the Czech Republic (coordination by CE Delft, funded by European Environmental Agency)
▪ 2012-15: DEFINE - Development of an Evaluation Framework for the INtroduction of Electromobility. EC ERA-NET TRANSPORT (2012-15) (CASE - Center for Social and Economic Research, Poland); role: project partner coordinator
▪ 2012-14: Stated-preference study to examine the economic value of benefits of avoiding selected adverse human health outcomes due to exposure to chemicals in the European Union. Funded by European Chemistry Agency (2012-2013); role: project coordinator
▪ 2012-15: Framework contract for services in the field of policy development and assessment in relation to climate change. Funded by DG CLIMA, coordinated by AEA Technology (2012-15); role: project partner coordinator
▪ 2012-13: Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment in support of negotiations of a DCFTA between the EU and Armenia; coordinated by Ecorys; involved under CASE-Poland.
▪ 2011-12: Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment in support of negotiations of a DCFTA between the EU and the Republic of Moldova and between the EU and Georgia; coordinated by Ecorys; involved under CASE-Poland.
▪ 2011-13: Framework contract for economic analysis of environmental policies and of sustainable development. Funded by DG ENV European Commission. Coordinated by AEA Technology. (2011-2013); role: project partner coordinator
▪ 2009: Study on the economic impact on selected priority areas and on general social and environmental impact of Free Trade Area agreement between the European Union and the Russian Federation; responsible for environmental impact assessment. Coordinated by CASE
▪ 2003-05: INFOSDEV - Information on Sustainable Development - Education, Economic Instruments and Indicators; role: coordinator of workpackage

(iii) OECD & Other Governmental Agencies
▪ 2014-15: Fertility-Canada: Health Valuation Study of Socio-Economic Benefits Improving Fertility and Birth Outcomes - a study commissioned by Health Canada (subcontracted via Industrial Economics, Inc.)
▪ 2014-15: VERHI-Canada: Valuation of Environment-Related Health Impacts on Children for Canada - a study commissioned by Health Canada (subcontracted via Industrial Economics, Inc.)
▪ 2008-09: GreenConsumption – EPIC survey: Household Consumption and Environmental Policy, OECD (cross-country survey in 10 OECD countries, key investigator for residential energy efficiency)

(iv) Czech Science Foundation (Grantová agentura České republiky – GAČR)
▪ EXPRO FE3M – Frontiers in Energy Efficiency Economics and Modelling (2019-2023). Czech Science Foundation (GAČR) under no. 19-26812X (Project Excellence Scientific Coordinator)
▪ HYBRID – Developing Hybrid Modelling Framework for Regulatory Impact Assessment: CGE-TIMES (2018-2020). Czech Science Foundation (GAČR) under no. 18-26714S (Principal Investigator)
▪ GREENPARADOXES – Beyond Green Paradoxes: Microeconomic, Econometric and Meta-Analysis Framework for Investigation of Unintended Effects of Climate and Energy Policies (2016-2018), Czech Science Foundation (GAČR) under no. 16-00027S (PI Prof. Karel Janda)
▪ PREDICTVALIDITY – Improving predictive validity of valuation methods by application of an integrative theory of behaviour (2015-2017), Czech Science Foundation (GAČR) under no. 15-23815S (Principal Investigator)
▪ EKC - Increasing environmental returns of scale in transition countries (2011-12), GAČR P403/11/2494 (Principal Investigator)
▪ FIRM - Environmental regulation and firm economic / financial performance: the case of airborne pollution (2009), GAČR 402/09/2049
▪ HEDONICWAGE - Hedonic Wage Model: Estimation of wage differential in the Czech Republic (2008-09), GAČR 402/08/1659 (Principal Investigator)
▪ MORTALITA- New approaches towards evaluation of morbidity and risks of illnesses and their applications in the Czech Republic (GA402/04/1336) (2004) (Principal Investigator)
▪ EKC- Environmental Kuznets curve - theory, evidence and implications for the Czech Republic (GA402/04/1376) (2004) (Principal Investigator)

(v) Other Agencies in the Czech Republic (Technological Agency of the Czech Republic; Czech Ministry of the Environment; Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport; Czech Ministry of Agriculture; Czech Ministry of Labour)
▪ FOREST – Modelling of Sustainable Forest under climate change adaptation scenarios, impact on energy sector, GHG emissions, and public acceptability (in Czech: Modelování scénářů udržitelné skladby lesa ve vztahu k navrženým adaptačním opatřením, vlivu na sektor energetiky, emise skleníkových plynů a celková přijatelnost těchto scénářů pro českou veřejnost) funded by Technological Agency of the Czech Republic (TAČR ETA Program) under Contract No. TL02000440 (2019-2022)
▪ RegSim – Integrated models for analysis of regulatory impacts and simulations of long-term scenarios of energy sector development (in Czech: Integrované modely pro analýzu dopadů regulací a simulace dlouhodobých scénářů vývoje energetiky) funded by Technological Agency of the Czech Republic (TAČR THETA) under Contract No. TK01010119 (2018-2022)
▪ RES-Transport – Optimal use of Renewable Sources in Transport (in Czech: Optimální využití obnovitelných zdrojů energie v dopravě) funded by Technological Agency of the Czech Republic (TAČR BETA) under Contract No. TITSMZP713 (2018-2019); Coordinated by University of Chemistry and Technology Prague.
▪ SUPREM - Systematic user support of development of electromobility (2016-2017), funded by Czech Technology Agency – OMEGA Program (Principal Investigator)
▪ TIMES-2 – System support of modeling tools for creation and analysis of energy and environmental policies (2016-2017), funded by Czech Technology Agency – OMEGA Program
▪ TIMES – Analysis of environmental impacts of regulations and trends in energy sector by Pan-European dynamic model TIMES (Analýza environmentálních dopadů regulace a predikce vývoje v sektoru energetiky panevropským dynamickým modelem TIMES) (2014-15); funded by Czech Technology Agency – OMEGA program
▪ DISTRIBUTION - Analysis of distributional and social impacts of sector policies (2006-2011); coordinator of the project. Funded by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, Program NPV II. (Principal Investigator)
▪ MODEDR - Impacts of Environmental Tax Reform Modelling: Second Phase of Environmental Tax Reform (ETR) in the Czech Republic (2007-2010); Funded by the Czech Ministry of the Environment, (Principal Investigator)
▪ TRANEXT- Quantification of External Costs of Transport in the Czech Republic; Funded by the Czech Ministry of the Environment, researcher
▪ LABOUR - Impact of changes in labour state on quality of life (2005-2008); Czech Ministry of Labour; coordinator of workpackage
▪ FOREST- Monetary valuation of recreational and aesthetic function of the forest ecosystems in the Czech Republic (2006-2007); Czech Ministry of Agriculture; researcher
▪ INSTRUMENTS - Environmental and economic effects of economic instruments in environmental protection (2004-2005); Funded by the Czech Ministry of the Environment; coordinator of workpackage or stream
▪ MACROAGGREGATES - Economy-wide models for the impacts of environmental policy measures assessment on macroeconomic aggregates in the Czech Republic (2004-2005); Funded by the Czech Ministry of the Environment, researcher
▪ EXTERNALITY- External costs of electricity and heat production in the Czech Republic and methods of their internalisation (SM/320/1/03) (2003-2005); Funded by the Czech Ministry of the Environment; (Principal Investigator)
▪ CHILDREN - Environmental effects on children health (1C/5/6/04) (2004-2005); Funded by the Czech Ministry of the Environment; WP coordinator
▪ SEEA2003 - Application of Environmental Accounting: SEEA-2003 (2004-2005); Funded by the Czech Ministry of the Environment; coordinator of workpackage or stream
▪ NATURA- Assessment and proposal for introduction of economic instruments in the area of nature and landscape protection regarding the EC lax transposition (VaV/610/1/03) (2003-2005); Funded by the Czech Ministry of the Environment; researcher
▪ ETR - Ecologic Tax Reform impacts and linkages on environmental policy, main macroeconomic parameters, public finance system, selected economic sectors and households (2003-2004); Funded by the Czech Ministry of the Environment; (Principal Investigator)
▪ ASSETS-EA- Evaluation of environmental assets with focus on the subsoil assets (247/2002/A-EK/COZP and 275/2002/A-EK/COZP) (2002-2003); Funded by the Czech Statistical Office; (Principal Investigator)
▪ EVALNATURE- Analysis of evaluation methods for selected parts of Nature. Project (VaV610/01/01) (2001-2002); Funded by the Czech Ministry of the Environment; researcher
▪ MFA- Methodology of environmental performance and prediction assessment by material (as well energy) flows and balances including hidden flows (VaV/310/2/000) (2001); Funded by the Czech Ministry of the Environment; (Principal Investigator)

(vi) Internal Funding Schemes of the Charles University
▪ PRIMUS – Economics of energy and environmental policy (PRIMUS/17/HUM/16) (2018-2020), Charles University Grant Agency (PI Zuzana Havrankova, MSc: Deputy Coordinator)

(vii) Consultations and Other Studies
▪ 2018 – Comparative projection for emissions of SO2, NOx, PM2.5, and CO2 stemming from power sector and industry by 2040 (in Czech: Srovnávací projekce emisí SO2, NOX, PM2,5 a CO2 z energetiky a průmyslu do roku 2040). A project prepared for the Czech Hydro-Meteorological Institute (ČHMU)
▪ 2017 - Coal Transitions: Research and Dialogue on the Future of Coal. Country case study prepared as a part of a multi-country study coordinated by Climate Strategies (December 2016 – March 2017)
▪ 2016 – Quantification of external costs attributable to electricity and heat generation for the reference and deep-decarbonisation (anti-fossil) scenario (in Czech: Kvantifikace externích nákladů z výroby elektřiny a tepla pro referenční a anti-fosilní scénář). Study commissioned by the Czech Ministry of the Environment (June-August 2016)
▪ 2015 – Quantification of environmental and health impacts due to lifting Ecological Terrestrial Limits to mine brown coal in the ČSA and Bílina mines (in Czech: Zpracování studie k hodnocení environmentálních a zdravotních dopadů korekce územních ekologických limitů těžby v lokalitách lomu ČSA a Bílina). Study commissioned by the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade (July-September 2015)
▪ 2012 - Evaluation of the European Observation Network for Territorial Development and Cohesion Programme (ESPON). Peer-review of three projects, Priority 1, 3 and 4. (Under the project coordinated by ADE).
▪ 2011: Environmental and Economic effects of a more ambitious EU climate target in Slovakia. Funded by Greenpeace. Coordinated by CE Delft
▪ 2008-2009: Ex post Evaluation of cohesion policy programmes 2000-2006 co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development (objective 1 and 2) Work package 5b: Environment, Climate change. Peer-review and evaluation of the study for the DG REGIO. Study coordinated by ADE.
▪ 2007: Economic And Social Costs of the First Phase of Environmental Tax Reform in the Czech Republic. A study prepared for the Czech Ministry of the Environment
▪ 2004: Regional emission reduction programmes and Regional energy policy in the Czech Republic: critical assessment
▪ 2002-2003: Ex-ante evaluation of Sectoral Operation Programme: Rural development and Multi-function agriculture.
▪ 2001: Sustainable Development Strategy of the Czech Republic
▪ 2001: Environmental assets in the system of national accounts (SNA 1993) and European system of Accounts (ESA 1995), study prepared for the Czech Statistical Office
▪ 2001: Reporting of economic costs involved by the implementation of environmental acquis in the Czech Republic, study prepared for the Czech Ministry of the Environment, Dept. of EU accession
▪ 2000-01: ISEW- Alternative indexes to GDP and testing applicability of ISEW Index for the Czech Republic; coordinator of the project
▪ 2000: Social and economic impacts of the accession of the Czech Republic to the EU, study prepared for the Government Office of the Czech Republic
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