doc. PhDr. Tomáš Havránek Ph.D. - Grants



GACR P402/11/1487 Monetary Policy, Financial Stability, and Financial Crisis

GAČR 18-02513S Meta-Analyses of Stock Return Determinants

GAUK The Influence of Financial Structure on the Strength and Speed of Monetary Transmission

Kvantitativní modelování monetární a fiskální politiky po krizi

No active

GAUK 76810 Development and Application of Meta-Analytic Methods in Economics



Communication in Multiobject Auctions: Experimental Studies of Collusion Behaviour

DYME – Dynamic Models in Economics

Early Warning Indicators of Systemic Stress: Early Evidence from the EU-27

GACR 15-02411S Development and Applications of Meta-Regression Methods in Economics

GAUK 900418: The interactions of monetary and macroprudential policy and the effects of new macroprudential regulations

Meta-Analysis and The Elasticity of Trade with Respect to Trade Costs

Natural Resource Richness and Economic Growth: A Meta-Analysis

PRIMUS/17/HUM/16 Economics of Energy and Environmental Policy

No active

(Submitted in November 2014) Communication in Multiobject Auctions: Experimental Studies of Collusion Behaviour

GACR P402/11/0948 Developing Analytical Framework for Energy Security: Time-Series Econometrics, Game Theory, Meta-Analysis and Theory of Regulation

GAUK 554213 A Quantitative Survey of Empirical Evidence for the Calibration of Small Open Economy DSGE Models

GAUK 558713 Publication Bias in the Literature Estimating the Social Cost of Carbon

GAUK 89910 Measuring Bank Efficiency

Submision - Application of Synthetic Control Method to Various Economic Policy Interventions


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