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Grant number 97/1998. (1999-2001) Markets in the Transition Economy under Imperfect Information.

402/03/1307 Interactions of Public Finance and Capital Markets.

402/95/0789 The Development of a Market Economy in the Czech Republic. Participant, 1995-1996.

512-93-2495 (1993-1994) Productivity of Capital Deposits into the Agriculture and Possibilities of their increasing in accordance with linking Sectors of National Economy.

6FP- EU Food Industry Dynamics and Methodological Advances

Credit Risk and Credit Derivatives

GACR 15-00036S Credit Risk Modeling for Financial and Commodity Assets Portfolios

GACR P402/11/0948 Developing Analytical Framework for Energy Security: Time-Series Econometrics, Game Theory, Meta-Analysis and Theory of Regulation

Trade Analysis and Policy Development.



GAUK 295522 (2022-2024) - Combined technical and economical modelling of energy storage for hybrid photovoltaics-wind power generation systems

Optimal Tax modeling - the case of alcohol

PRIMUS/17/HUM/16 Economics of Energy and Environmental Policy

SVV 260 463 - Heterogeneity in Economics and Finance: Strengthening of Doctoral Studies by Securing Excellent pre-gradual Students

VŠE IP100040

No active

402/05/2123 (2005-2007) Efficiency of Financial Markets and New Basel Capital Accord (NBCA)

Developing an analytical framework for research on the role of biofuels on global markets

GACR 403/10/1235 (2010-2014) Institutional Responses to Financial Market Failures

GAUK - 828817 The Effectiveness of Counter-Terrorism Strategies: A Bootstrap Panel Granger Causality Analysis

GAUK 862119 (2019-2021) Renewable Energy Financial Modeling

Heterogeneity in Economics and Finance - Intesification of Doctoral Research

IES Research Framework Institutional task (2005-2011) Integration of the Czech economy into European union and its development

Liberalisation of European market with natural gas and its impact on the Czech Republic

Soft Budget Constraint and its relevant determinants (application)

SVV 260 113 - Strengthening Doctoral Research in Economics and Finance

SVV 267 504: Intensification of Doctoral Research in Economics and Finance: Extending Alternative Approaches to Economic Models

UNDP EPIN Economic Policy Institutes Network (2005-2006)

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