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Labor market participation: The impact of social benefits in the Czech Republic (K. Fialová, M. Mysíková)

Author(s): PhDr. Kamila Fialová ,
PhDr. Martina Mysíková Ph.D.,
Type: IES Working Papers
Year: 2009
Number: 4
Published in: IES Working Papers 4/2009
Publishing place: Prague
Keywords: inactivity trap, labor market participation, social benefits
JEL codes: I38, J21
Suggested Citation: Fialová, K., Mysíková, M. (2009). Labor market participation: The impact of social benefits in the Czech Republic. IES Working Paper 4/2009. IES FSV. Charles University.
Grants: Analysis of the Impact of the Selected Social Policy Instruments on the Czech Labour Market and a Broad International Comparison
Abstract: This paper aims to quantify the impact of social benefits on labor market participation in the Czech Republic. It applies the logistic regression to estimate the probability of labor market participation depending on social benefits related to net wage of the individuals, controlling for individual and household characteristics (age, presence of spouse and children etc.). The work disincentives via social benefits do exist and proved to be relatively strong. When trying to understand the reasons for recently decreasing participation rate in the Czech Republic, the often called “generous” Czech social benefit system appears to be relevant.
Downloadable: WP 2009_04_Fialova, Mysikova




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