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Catching up of the Central Asian Economies by Trade-Driven Development and the EU Partnership.

Autor: doc. Ing. Vladimír Benáček CSc.,
Typ: Kapitoly v knize
Rok: 2008
Číslo: 0
Publikováno v: Andreosso Bernardette, Zolin Bruna (edit.): Asia and Europe: Connections and Contrasts, Venice, Ca´Foscary Publ., 2008, pp. 109-131
Místo vydání: Venice
Klíčová slova: Int. trade, FDI, exchange rate
JEL kódy:
Abstrakt: This paper is composed of two parts. In the first part it deals with the economic development and trade of Central Asia (CA) in a wider context of economic geography, which includes the economic cooperation of land-locked countries of Inner Asia with Turkey, Iran, China and Russia. The second part covers quantitative assessment of growth strategies and scenarios of potential GDP developments, including the necessary real exchange rate appreciation. A special attention is given to three countries – Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan – which are not sufficiently endowed with natural resources.


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