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FDI and Economic Growth: The Role of Natural Resources

Autor: Ing. Arshad Hayat MA. MSc. Ph.D.,
Typ: IES Working Papers
Rok: 2014
Číslo: 36
Publikováno v: IES Working Papers 36/2014
Místo vydání: Prague
Klíčová slova: Foreign Direct Investment, Economic Growth, Natural Resources, Resource Curse, Hausman Test
JEL kódy: F23, F43, O4, Q0
Citace: Hayat A. (2014). “FDI and Economic Growth: The role of Natural Resources ” IES Working Paper 36/2014. IES FSV. Charles University.
Abstrakt: In the paper, I explored links between inflow of FDI, natural resource abundance and economic growth. The paper is an attempt to analyze a lager sample of 106 countries and investigate the impact of FDI inflow on the economic growth of the host country. Further, natural resource abundance is considered to slow down the economic growth. The paper explores if the natural resource abundance affect the FDI-growth relationship. Using panel data for a sample the period 1993-2012, the paper uses fixed effects model and conclude that FDI inflow accelerates economic growth of the host country. However, the presence of natural resources slows down
the FDI induced growth. The same results hold after controlling for endogeneity.
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