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Information and Communication Technology Ethics and Social Responsibility

Autor: doc. Ing. Tomáš Cahlík CSc.,
Typ: Kapitoly v knize
Rok: 2017
Číslo: 0
ISSN / ISBN: 9781522522553
Publikováno v: IGI Global
Místo vydání: USA
Klíčová slova: ICT, Ethics, Social Responsibility
JEL kódy: 030
Citace: Cahlik, T.: Information and Communication Technology Ethics and Social Responsibility, in: Encyclopedia of information science and technology, 4th Edition / Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, editor. Pages 4920 - 4926. IGI Global 2017
Abstrakt: Information and Communication Technologies
(ICTs) have penetrated during the last 20 years all
human activities everywhere on the Earth. Humanity
has entered into the information age, virtual
reality and even virtual worlds have been crated.
The basic ethical questions stay as they have
always been: How are we to live? What are we to
be? Basic answers are, of course, that we ought
to live good lives and be good persons.
The aim of this article is:
• To specify what “living a good life” and
“being a good person” could be in the information
• To identify some challenges and opportunities
ICTs offer in this context.


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