PhDr. Jana Votápková - Publications

Articles in journals with impact factor

2016 The Abolition of User Charges and the Demand for Ambulatory Visits: Evidence from the Czech Republic, Health Economics Review

2013 Efficiency of hospitals in the Czech Republic, Prague Economic Papers

2013 Institutional Efficiency of Selected EU and OECD Countries using DEA-like Approach, Prague Economic Papers

Chapter in book

2010 Institutional Quality in: Competitiveness of the Czech Republic 2010 - Development of the Main Indicators, Prague, Linde, 2010,

2009 Country Profiles - Latvia, Lithuania, and Romania in: Zápal et al (2009). Health System Financing in the EU: Current Practice and the Ageing Challenge. Prague, Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Health, Czech Republic

2009 Institucionální kvalita in: The Competitiveness Yearbook of the Czech Republic 2008-2009, Praha, Linde, 2010, CES VŠEM

IES Working Papers

2017 Health Status as a Determinant for Pre-Retirement Savings, IES Working Papers 10/2017

2016 Determinants of Generic Substitution in the Czech Republic, IES Working Papers 05/2016

2014 Efficiency of Hospitals in the Czech Republic: Conditional Efficiency Approach, IES Working Papers 31/2014

2012 The Effect of the Abolition of User Charges on the Demand for Ambulatory Doctor Visits, IES Working Papers 30/2012

2011 Efficiency of Hospitals in the Czech Republic, IES Working Papers 2/2011

IES Occassional Papers

2017 Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in the Czech Republic: Prevalence and Association with Individual Costs, IES Occassional Papers 01/2017

2015 Health Care Efficiency in the Czech Republic – Evidence for Inpanient Care, IES Occassional Papers 02/2015

Article in collection

2007 Bringing up Baby – The Real Costs of Parenthood, in: Kubátová, J. (ed.) Collection of Contributions from the International Conference Economic Knowledge for Market Application, Palacky University


2011 Myant, M., Drahokoupil, J.: Transition Economies - Political Economy in Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, ch 11-15, Academia,

2011 Paul A. Samuelson, William D. Nordhaus: Economics, 19th Edition, ch. 10-20, NS Svoboda,


2015 Czech Republic: Health System Review, Health Systems in Transition

2015 Financial sustainability of the Czech health system, Eurohealth


2016 Determinants of Generic Substitution in the Czech Republic, Health Policy

2016 Efficiency of Hospitals in the Czech Republic: Conditional Efficiency Approach - comments after the review round received in November 2016, Journal of Productivity Analysis


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