Tomáš Želinský PhD. - Publications

Articles in journals with impact factor

2016 Occupational Mobility, Educational Mobility and Intergenerational Transmission of Disadvantages in Europe (T. Želinský, M. Mysíková, J. Večerník), Ekonomický časopis 64 (3): 197-217

2016 Roma settlements and poverty in Slovakia: Different policy approaches of the state, local governments, and NGOs (D. Klimovský, T. Želinský, K. Matlovičová, A. Mušinka), Anthropological Notebooks 21 (3): 23-42

2015 Impact of the Low Work Intensity on Poverty in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic (M. Mysíková, J. Večerník, T. Želinský), Ekonomický časopis 63 (6): 555-575

2015 On Inconsistency of Time Preferences of People from the Marginalised Roma Communities, Politická ekonomie 63(2): 204-222

2015 Regional Aspects of Income Polarization in the Slovak Republic (I. Pauhofová, T. Želinský), Politická ekonomie 63 (6): 779-797

2014 Factors of material deprivation rate in the Czech Republic by household type (H. Řezanková, T. Želinský), Ekonomický časopis 62 (4): 394-410

2013 Environmental Kuznets Curve and the Position of Slovakia and the Czech Republic in the European Union, E+M Ekonomie a Management 16 (3): 4-19

2013 The extent of poverty in the Czech and Slovak Republics 15 years after the split (J. Bartošová, T. Želinský), Post-Communist Economies 25 (1): 119-131

2012 Changes in Relative Material Deprivation in Regions of Slovakia and the Czech Republic, Panoeconomicus 59 (3): 335-353

2011 Microfinance: An alternative tool for alleviating Roma poverty in the marginalized regions, Sociológia 43 (1): 57-88

2010 Analysis of poverty in Slovakia based on the concept of relative deprivation, Politická ekonomie 58 (4): 542-565

2010 Comparison of alternative approches to estimation of individual welfare of poor households, Ekonomický časopis 58 (3): 251-270

Articles in refereed journals

2014 Regional poverty levels in the European Union: A spatial econometric approach, Economy of Region 2014 (2): 62-69


2014 Poverty and Deprivation in Slovakia: Methodological Aspects and Empirics, Equilibria


2016 Social Identity and Role Models (J. Vecci, T. Želinský), University of Gothenburg, Working Papers in Economics No. 672


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