Tomáš Želinský PhD - Publications

Articles in journals with impact factor

2021 Equivalence scale and income poverty: Two approaches how to estimate country-specific scale for the Czech Republic (M. Mysíková, T. Želinský, M. Jirková, J. Večerník), Social Indicators Research, 156 (1): 21–45

2021 Choosing an optimal material deprivation indicator threshold (T. Želinský, M. Mysíková, J. Ng), Applied Economics Letters, 28 (2): 100–104

2021 Trends in subjective income poverty rates in the European Union (T. Želinský, M. Mysíková, T.I. Garner), European Journal of Development Research, online first. Full-text online:

2020 Estimating subjective poverty lines with discrete information (T. Želinský, J. Ng, M. Mysíková), Economics Letters, 196 (2020), 109545

2019 Behavioural challenges of minorities: Social identity and role models (J. Vecci, T. Želinský), PLoS ONE 14(7): e0220010

2019 Subjective Perceptions of Poverty and Objective Economic Conditions: Czechia and Slovakia a Quarter Century After the Dissolution of Czechoslovakia (M. Mysíková, T. Želinský, T.I. Garner, J. Večerník), Social Indicators Research, 145 (2): 523-550. Full-text online:

2018 Economic Characteristics and Subjective Well-Being (T. Želinský, T. Soroková, D. Petríková), Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review 50(3): 334-364

2018 Social Contagion of Ethnic Hostility (M. Bauer, J. Cahlíková, J. Chytilová, T. Želinský), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115(19): 4881-4886

2017 On the regional convergence of income at district level in Slovakia (I. Pauhofová, T. Želinský), Ekonomický časopis 65(10): 918-934

2016 Occupational mobility, educational mobility and intergenerational transmission of disadvantages in Europe (T. Želinský, M. Mysíková, J. Večerník), Ekonomický časopis – Journal of Economics, 64 (3): 197–217

2016 Roma settlements and poverty in Slovakia: Different policy approaches of the state, local governments, and NGOs (D. Klimovský, T. Želinský, K. Matlovičová, A. Mušinka), Anthropological Notebooks 21(3): 23-42

2015 Impact of the Low Work Intensity on Poverty in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic (M. Mysíková, J. Večerník, T. Želinský), Ekonomický časopis – Journal of Economics, 63 (6): 555–575

2015 On Inconsistency of Time Preferences of People from the Marginalised Roma Communities, Politická ekonomie 63(2): 204-222

2015 Regional Aspects of Income Polarization in the Slovak Republic (I. Pauhofová, T. Želinský), Politická ekonomie 63(6): 779-797

2014 Factors of material deprivation rate in the Czech Republic by household type (H. Řezanková, T. Želinský), Ekonomický časopis 62(4): 394-410

2013 The extent of poverty in the Czech and Slovak Republics 15 years after the split (J. Bartošová, T. Želinský), Post-Communist Economies 25(1): 119-131

2012 Changes in Relative Material Deprivation in Regions of Slovakia and the Czech Republic, Panoeconomicus 59(3): 335-353

2011 Microfinance: An alternative tool for alleviating Roma poverty in the marginalized regions, Sociológia 43(1): 57-88

2010 Analysis of poverty in Slovakia based on the concept of relative deprivation, Politická ekonomie 58(4): 542-565

2010 Comparison of alternative approches to estimation of individual welfare of poor households, Ekonomický časopis 58(3): 251-270

Articles in refereed journals

2019 On the measurement of the income poverty rate: The equivalence scale across Europe (M. Mysíková, T. Želinský), Statistika: Statistics and Economy Journal, 99 (4): 383–397. Full-text online:

2014 Regional poverty levels in the European Union: A spatial econometric approach, Economy of Region 2014(2): 62-69


2014 Poverty and Deprivation in Slovakia: Methodological Aspects and Empirics, Equilibria


2019 Subjective equivalence scales and income poverty in Eastern vs Western European countries (M. Mysíková, T. Želinský, T.I. Garner, K. Fialová), BLS Economic Working Paper No. WP-519

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