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Články v impaktovaných časopisech

2017 Impacts of Reclassified Brown Coal Reserves on the Energy System and Deep Decarbonisation Target in the Czech Republic, Energies

2017 Influence of renewable energy sources on transmission networks in Central Europe, Energy Policy

2016 Impacts of carbon pricing, brown coal availability and gas cost on Czech energy system up to 2050, Energy

2013 Analýza dopadů regulace v českém elektroenergetickém systému – aplikace dynamického lineárního modelu Message, Politická ekonomie

Kapitoly v knize

2011 Input Distance Function: emission Shadow price estimation in the Czech energy industry, Melichar, J., Kaprová, K., Máca, V., et al. (2011): Applied Environmental Economics and Econometrics: Czech Perspective, Nakladatelstvi a vydavatelstvi litomyslskeho seminare - Litomysl Seminar Publishing.

2010 Application of optimization model MESSAGE on Czech electricity system, Towards a Green Economy: Young Researches Perspective

IES Working Papers

2017 Influence of Renewable Energy Sources on Electricity Transmission Networks in Central Europe, IES Working Papers 5/2017

2017 The Influence of Renewable Energy Sources on the Czech Electricity Transmission System, IES Working Papers 06/2017

Články ve sborníku

2015 Partial equilibrium model of Czech energy sector – scenarios of future development,

2015 Shadow prices of air pollutants in Czech industries: A convex nonparametric least squares approach,

2011 Electricity System Optimization: a Case of the Czech Electricity System – Application of Model MESSAGE,

2011 Emission Shadow price estimation based on distance function: A case of the Czech energy industry,


2017 Impact of German Energiewende on transmission lines in the Central European region, CAMA Working Paper series

2015 Czech Republic: Health System Review, Health Systems in Transition

2015 Financial sustainability of the Czech health system, Eurohealth

2011 The economic impacts on Slovakia of tightening the EU GHG target from -20 to -30%., CE Delft


2017 Brown Coal and Nuclear Energy Deployment: Effects on Fuel-Mix, Carbon Targets, and External Costs in the Czech Republic up to 2050, Fuel

2017 Impact of German Energiewende on Transmission Lines in the Central European Region, Energy efficiency

2016 Vliv obnovitelných zdrojů na českou soustavu přenosu elektřiny, IES WP

2016 Vliv obnovitelných zdrojů na českou soustavu přenosu elektřiny, Politická ekonomie

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