Laure de Batz M.A. - Publications

Articles in journals with impact factor

2020 Financial Crime Spillovers. Does one gain to be avenged?, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

2020 Financial Impact of Regulatory Sanctions on Listed Companies, European Journal of Law and Economics

Articles in refereed journals

2017 Financial Sanctions in France – 2004-2016, Bankers, Markets & Investors

IES Working Papers

2020 Financial Crime and Punishment: A Meta-Analysis, IES Working Papers 40/2020

2019 Financial Crime Spillovers. Does One Gain to Be Avenged?, IES Working Papers 22/2019

2018 Financial Impact of Regulatory Sanctions on French Listed Companies, IES Working Papers 10/2018

Article in collection

2017 Lessons from more than a decade-long history of sanction in France?, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne


2018 Lessons from More than a Decade-Long History of Sanction in France, Oxford Business Law Blog




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