Mgr. Václav Brož - Publikace

Články v impaktovaných časopisech

2018 Dynamics and factors of inflation convergence in the European Union,, Journal of International Money and Finance, 86, 93-111. paper available here PDF

Kapitoly v knize

2018 The effect of accommodative monetary policy on the risk weights applied by domestic banks, CNB Financial Stability Report 2017/2018

IES Working Papers

2018 Does Monetary Policy Influence Banks' Perception of Risks?, IES Working Papers 03/2018

2017 Dynamics and Factors of Inflation Convergence in the European Union, IES Working Papers 24/2017


2017 Are the Risk Weights of Banks in the Czech Republic Procyclical? Evidence from Wavelet Analysis, CNB Working Paper 15/2017

2017 Does Monetary Policy Influence Banks’ Perception of Risks?, CNB Working Paper 9/2017


2018 Does Monetary Policy Influence Banks' Risk Weights under the Internal Ratings-based Approach?, Revise & resubmit


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Moneta Money Bank