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Economics of war

Author: Bc. Zuzana Iršová
Year: 2007 - summer
Leaders: prof. RNDr. Jiří Hlaváček CSc.
Consultants: doc. PhDr. Martin Gregor Ph.D.
Work type: Bachelors
Language: Slovak
Pages: 84
Awards and prizes:
Abstract: This thesis deals with the economics of war and its issues in terms of war expen-ditures. Analytically, it focuses on economic pattern description, defines and investi-gates its determinants, postulates internal relations hypotheses, emphasizing the costs of war. Being shown on a mathematical simplification, interactions between variables are comparatively discussed and tested afterwards. Taking the presupposition limitations into account, it refers to the presence of political bias as a highly relevant factor of a country decision making about entering war.
Downloadable: Bachelor Thesis of Zuzana Iršová




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