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Přednáška: Multinational Enterprise and National Interests (Prof. Neil Forbes, Coventry University)


Rádi bychom vás srdečně pozvali na přednášku "Multinational Enterprise and National Interests" s hostujícím profesorem Neilem Forbesem z Coventry University.

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This talk will consider the rise and development of multinational enterprise (MNE) from the beginning of the twentieth century. Whilst the chronological focus will be on the 1930s, issues confronting the contemporary world will also be discussed. In some cases, such as taxation, the history of the relationship between the nation state and MNE reveals that interests do not always coincide; in other cases, such as trading with potential enemy powers, interests may conflict, with grave consequences.

Neil Forbes is Director of the Institute for Creative Cultures and Professor of International History, Coventry University, UK.
His research interest traverse the fields of cultural heritage (contested/conflicted heritage, the memorialisation of war), and twentieth century history (interaction of foreign policy, international business and European dictatorships). His many publications include Multinational Enterprise, Political Risk and Organisational Change: From Total War to Cold War (2019). He has led several major, European research projects, and is a member of several national and international advisory boards and similar bodies.

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