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Guest lecture: Value for money and assessment of public investments


Martin Haluš of Slovak's Ministry of Finance will be a Public Finance guest lecturer today (3rd May) at 14:00 in room 314.

The title of the lecture is "Value for money: Assessment of public investment projects". Why do we spend so much money and get so poor results in healthcare or education? Which investment projects have the best value for money? How people value a green park next to their house?

Martin Haluš graduated from Comenius University Bratislava in 2010.  With a genuine interest in public policy he started working at Institute for Financial Policy at the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak republic as an environmental and energy analyst. He gained his second master in specialized economic analysis from Barcelona Graduate School of Economics in 2013. As an ad-hoc consultant for OECD, he worked on regional disparities of the Slovak economy and its resource efficiency. In 2016, he became chief economist and director of Institute for Environmental Policy. Since 2021 he is acting as a director of Value for money Division focusing on public investment projects appraisals.

Looking forward to interesting lecture and discussion later today.

Autor - doc. Petr Janský Ph.D.


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