dr. Ing. Zdeněk Drábek B.A., D.Phil.


Akademická funkce: External Thesis Advisor
Odborné zaměření: International Economics, Open Macroeconomics, Global Financial Architecture
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Email: zdenek [DOT] drabek1 [AT] gmail [DOT] com
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Člen organizací

Member of Advisory Board of "Inventa", a private consulting firm. International Advisory Board of the Czechoslovak Management Centre (in Celákovice), and of the Society for Strategic Management Innovations and the Entrepreneurship; Member of management and supervisory boards of private companies; Member of US Task Force on Czechoslovakia (US Congressman Doug Bereuter - Chairman), under the Atlantic Council of the USA (1988); Member of the US-Czechoslovak Round Table (1989); Member of the International Task Force on Viet Nam (1991); Member of Inter-Parliamentary Conference in Kiev, Ukraine, organized by the US Congress (1995); Member of International Task Force on "Managing Commodity Risks" (1998 – 2004); International group of experts coordinated by the World Bank; Member of Independent Commission for the Reform of Institutions of the European Union" (1997); Member of International Task Force on "Globalization and Poverty Elimination"; Blue Ribbon Commission on Macedonia, United Nations (2004), UNDP-funded activity to advise government on economic and social policy reforms;


1975-79 D.Phil. (Economics), Wolfson College, Oxford University (U.K.)
1969-71 B.A., M.A. (Economics), Christ's College, Cambridge University (U.K.)
1963-68 Dipl. Ing., Prague School of Economics (Czech Republic)

Odborná praxe

2008 – present – Independent Expert; Advisory services to governments and private sector in areas of international trade and investment and of sovereign risk;

1995-2007 - Senior Adviser, Research Department, World Trade Organization, Geneva, providing economic and financial advise to senior management and to the WTO Members. Member of Management Board of WTO Pension Plan. Chairman of the Management Board of the Joint Vienna Institute (training institute of the World Bank, IMF, BIS, OECD, EBRD and WTO);

(2003 --2004) - Institute of Developing Economies, Tokyo (Short-term guest lecturer in international economics);

(1996 – 2006) - Joint Vienna Institute, Vienna; Chairman and Member of the Executive Committee as well as lecturer in international trade and investment;

(1998 – 2006) -St. Petersburg University, University of Namibia, Shanghai University, University of Kampala, Sarajevo University, Universities of Cairo and Oman; Lecturer in long-term and short-term courses on trade and trade policy;

1990-1994 - Federal Ministry of Economy, Czechoslovakia; Senior government official in the rank of minister ,the Government of Czechoslovakia and Principal Advisor to the Governor of the Central Bank ("Czech National Bank"). Chief Government Negotiator of International Economic Agreements of the CSFR (Uruguay Round in GATT/WTO, Europe Agreement with EU, CEFTA); Founder of Government’s Foreign Investment Agency, coordination of foreign assistance;

1983-89 - The World Bank, Washington, D.C. Economist and leader of economic missions; World Bank representative on IMF missions; negotiator with governments (e.g. debt rescheduling, restructuring of financial institutions, reform of trade policies, energy pricing, subsidies and public expenditures, design of reforms of financial and banking sectors, of foreign investment and export promotion schemes and programs to support the development of small and medium scale enterprises, evaluation of fiscal reforms and public investment programs;

1976-83 - Department of Economics, University of Buckingham, U.K., Senior Lecturer in Economics and Chairman of Department (1976-1978);

(1979-80) - Visiting Professor, Department of Economics, University of British Columbia;

1974-76 - Research Officer, Institute of Economics and Statistics, Oxford University, and Tutor in Economics, Linacre College, Oxford University;

1972-74 - Research Officer, St. Antony's College, Oxford University;

1971-72 - Economist, Economic Commission for Europe, United Nations, and Consultant, Commodities Division, UNCTAD, Geneva;

1968-69 - Associate Research Officer, Research Institute of International Economics, Prague;


- Main Research Areas. Authored or co-authored eleven books, eleven substantive economic reports for the World Bank, more than seventy academic articles, many of which appeared in major international academic journals (Please see the list of publications under separate cover). Most of these articles were in the areas of international trade and investment, international and public finance and open macro-economics.

- Research Leader. Leader or co-leader of three research projects funded under the "ACE Programme" by the European Commission in Brussels, a project funded by the SSRC Programme of the British Government. Leader of research projects under independent funding leading to book publication. Directed, coordinated and carried out a research project funded by the World Bank on “sub-contracting in South – East Asia”;

- Research Assessor. Served as expert to evaluate research and policy-oriented projects under the Dutch aid program. Member of Research Grant Committee (Academy of Sciences, Prague);

- Conferences. Organized panels at the American Social Science Association (e.g. Chicago, New Orleans, Philadelphia), international economics conference at Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Prague, invited panellist of American Economic Association, ACES, European Economic Association, Royal Economic Society (UK), festschrift conferences (e.g. in honour of Bella Ballassa, Marie Lavigne);


- Long academic career with teaching and research responsibilities both on graduate and undergraduate level. Supervised graduate students and served as external examiner of doctoral and other graduate theses at various universities in England, France and Switzerland;

- Guest academic speaking. Invited seminar speaker at Universities of Oxford and Birmingham, London School of Economics, London Business School, University of Washington, Columbia University in New York, Carleton University (Canada), University of Manchester, Sussex University, Navarra (Spain), Paris and others;

- Professional Associations. Member of Academic Advisory Council of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University. Member of International Advisory Council of the European Institute (Washington, DC);

- American Economic Association and Association of Comparative Economic Studies (member of the Executive Committee (USA) (1998-2002);

- Think-tanks. Member of FONDAD, a Dutch-based “think-tank” with orientation on international financial architecture; regular guest speaker of ASPEN Europe/Italia;

- Policy Associate, Leverhulme Centre for Research Globalization and Economic Policy, University of Nottinham (U.K.);

- Editorial Boards. Member of editorial boards of professional and academic journals - Journal of Comparative Economics(USA), Journal of International Trade and Diplomacy;

- Prague Economic Papers, Czechoslovak Economic Digest, Czech Foreign Trade, For You, Obchod a Kontakt, Politická Ekonomie;

- Associate Editor of Emerging Markets and Finance (USA);

- Referee in most major economics journals;

- Examiner of PhD. theses in the UK (Sussex), France (Grenoble, Paris), Czech Republic (“docentura”, Charles University);


Honorary Doctor of Law,(Schiller International University (USA) and American College of Switzerland; Honorary Professor at Institute for Foreign Trade, University of Shanghai (China);

My activities in the Czech Republic (1990-1994) were supported by the Ford Foundation, the Pew Charitable Trust, the Mellon Foundation, the German Marshall Fund, Stanford Research Institute, the British Know-How Fund and the Charter 77 Foundation;

Carnegie Fellow in 1970;

Listed in "Who's Who in Finance" (BARONS, USA), and in "International Who is Who of Professionals";

Awarded a "Highest Quality Rating" by ANBAR Electronic Intelligence in Citation of Excellence;

Most quoted Czechoslovak economist in academic journals in the 1990s (international survey published in Comparative Economic Studies);

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