JEB143 - Cambridge Lectures in Economic History

Kredit: 5
Role předmětu: Anglicky
Bakalářský - povinně volitelný
Bakalářský - vše
BEF - elective
Semestr - letní
Garanti: doc. PhDr. Ing. Antonie Doležalová Ph.D.
Stránky kurzu: JEB143
Popis: This unique course is based on cooperation between IES FSS and Robinson College, University of Cambridge. It offers both the inquiry into the newest thematic and methodological development of economic and social history and the teaching practice as is used at University of Cambridge.
The course is organized in five blocks in the framework of which the various topics of economic and social history will be discussed according to the research field of the invited lecturers. The topics as well as the list of compulsory reading will be announced in advance during the introductory lecture.




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