JEM101 - Health Economics

Kredit: 6
Role předmětu: Anglicky
CSF - elective
EEI a HP - povinně volitelný
Ekonomie veřejného sektoru a zdravotnictví - povinně specializační
ET - povinně volitelný
F,FT a B - povinně volitelný
Magisterský - vše
MEF - elective
Semestr - letní
Garanti: doc. Paola Bertoli M.A., MSc., Ph.D.
PhDr. Jana Votápková Ph.D.
Stránky kurzu: JEM101
Literatura: List of relevant literature and recommended further readings will be provided during each lecture.
Main textbooks used in the class are:
McPake, B., Kumaranayake, L., Normand, C. (2005); Health Economics: An International Perspective; Routledge
Feldstein, P. J. (2005); Health Care Economics, 6th edition; Thomson Delmar Learning
William, J. (1999); Principles of Health Economics for Developing Countries; World Bank Institute
Popis: The course features a series of lectures on health economics theory and related issues. Lectures are complemented by seminars.
The course provides students with the framework to understand how health systems are organized from the point of view of funding, financing, pooling, purchasing, provision of health care and regulation of health systems. Topics regarding performance, effectiveness, and quality of health systems are also discussed.




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