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PRIMUS: “Energy Economics and Environmental Policy” is among the four successfully prolonged projects


Congratulations to our colleagues from IES on extending the funding of their "Energy Economics and Environmental Policy" project within the PRIMUS competition for another 2 years. Of the 28 projects originally supported, only 4 were successful in the extension application (the list is available here).

The project is led by Associate Prof. Zuzana Havránková, and Prof. Karel Janda, Dr. Milan Ščasný (Environment Centre team lead), Prof. Anna Alberini and Associate Prof. Tomáš Havránek are involved as senior researchers.

The collaborative project of IES and Charles University Environment centre aims to deepen the knowledge about the economic, distributive and environmental impacts of climate and energy policies within the newly established research group (REGEC), as well as to teach and train students across Charles University departments, to support international cooperation and increase the quality of scientific outputs.

The research within the project covers the area of consumer demand and preference analysis, focusing primarily on energy-saving behavior and the so-called energy efficiency paradox. At the same time, REGEC aims to develop new and improve existing tools for modeling the economic, distributive and environmental impacts of regulations, including partial equilibrium and macro models, factor substitution analyzes or emission reduction cost modeling.

The interrelationship between the economy, energy, and the environment is an important long term topic for IES researchers, as can be seen from the involvement of our colleagues in several international projects and grants, where research in this area takes place in cooperation with prestigious foreign universities and institutes, such as GEMCLIMEGEOCEP or GAČR EXPRO.








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