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Solve It 2020:

08/10/2020 has a bold mission to transform Prague to world class AI superhub and we are pleased to announce that they will be our partner organization for this year's Solve It! Participants will get a chance to support on its way to achieve this mission!

Solve It is a two-round case study competition that provides students and young professionals with consulting experience by helping a real organization solve its current strategic and operational challenges. If you’re keen on applying your skills where they matter and broadening your horizons, Solve It is for you! We welcome all applicants irrespective of their education or experience—whatever your background, you will bring a different perspective to the study and give your skills a relevant boost. You can apply both in groups or as individuals and Solve is fully online this year, so you can connect from all around the world on

Application deadline: 
October 25 (23:59)

First round: 
October 27–November 1, 2020 (online)

Final round: 
November 13–14, 2020 (online)

Autor - Mgr. Eliška Krohová




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