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The CORPTAX research group at Charles University, Prague, Czechia is hiring a PhD candidate!


CORPTAX is a five-year research project focused on the taxation of multinational corporations. We aim to establish how much multinationals pay in taxes, where and why. We are looking for a talented graduate of a Master's programme in Economics to join our team as a junior researcher and a PhD candidate in Economics. 

Within CORPTAX, she or he will collaborate with the rest of the team on empirical research, drafting research articles, and presenting the results at international academic conferences and seminars. The successful applicant is expected to apply by April 2021 for the four-year PhD programme at Charles University, starting in October 2021, and the job offer will be conditioned on being accepted by the PhD programme. As part of the PhD programme, the successful applicant will also carry out teaching assistantships and attend research seminars.

We offer a competitive salary, which is composed of an employment contract for the research project (net monthly salary around 21,000 CZK or 800 EUR) and a stipend offered by the PhD programme (net monthly of 10,500 CZK or around 400 EUR). Moreover, there are additional bonuses and grant opportunities available within the PhD programme. We encourage the candidate to relocate to Prague (and in non-pandemic times, some activities, such as teaching, would require physical presence), although remote work combined with commuting is possible.

The Institute of Economic Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, Prague is the leading economics department offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Czechia. It is located in the center of the beautiful city of Prague and provides a stimulating environment for excellent academic research.

Candidates can apply by sending their CV and any queries to Petr Janský ( by March 7, 2021.
We expect interviews to be arranged before the end of March, by which time the position should be filled. The candidate should apply for the PhD programme by the end of April with studies commencing in October. The exact timing is up for a discussion, but we expect the candidate to start working no later than from July on.


February 11, 2021 Position announced
March 7, 2021 Applications due
March 8-26, 2021 Interviews
March 31, 2021 Position filled
April 30, 2021 Deadline for applications to the PhD programme
October 2021 PhD programme starts




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December 2021




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