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Course delivery in WS 2021/2022: going back to in-person teaching


Dear students,

after almost three semesters of online course delivery, we are happy to announce a return to in-person teaching in the Winter Semester 2021/2022, respecting the current hygiene and epidemiological rules. The students will be expected to show up in person for the lectures and tutorials.  

In case you cannot attend the lectures and tutorials in person due to Covid-related reasons (you are sick with covid-19 or recovering from it, in quarantine, abroad and not being able to travel easily to Prague etc.), please inform the lecturers of your courses who may ask you to provide a proof of your situation. You will then be offered to participate via simultaneous online broadcasting of the lectures and tutorials (in case of tutorials, there might be parallel online-only tutorials you would then attend in a virtual form). The hyperlinks to online broadcasting using one of the standard platforms (MS Teams, Zoom or Meet) will be available on each course website in SIS.  

Please bear in mind that during the online broadcasting of the in-class teaching it will be difficult for the lecturers to interact with students connected online. Instead of that, there will typically be separate short Q&A online slots (typically immediately after lectures or during office hours).

All course requirements (tests, exams, students’ assignments) will be deliverable without the need for physical presence. The lecturers will inform you about the details in each course.  

Please follow the news on FSV and IES website regarding the most recent information about access to the IES building, requirements to wear masks, minimal distance, etc.  

Should the epidemiological situation change during the semester, please be ready for a transition to online teaching again if that is required.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you around soon!

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