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Career Confidence with the CFA® Program


In case you missed the chance to participate in the originally scheduled sessions of the Career Confidence with the CFA® Program webinar, we have some good news for you - there are now 3 more sessions that you can attend.

The online webinars will take 1 hour each. We will explain the details of the CFA Program itself with a special focus on careers and resources to help you understand job roles and career paths in the industry. We have some great free new resources to offer students considering investment careers. As a participant you will gain essential CFA Program updates and have an opportunity to ask your own questions. 

  • Register for session 1 on Wednesday 3rd Nov (15:00 GMT  = 16:00 CET/Prague time) here.  
  • Register for session 2 on Tuesday 9th Nov (17:00 GMT  = 18:00 CET/Prague time) here.
  • Register for session 3 on Wednesday 10th Nov (10:00 GMT = 11:00 CET/Prague time) here.

Looking forward to seeing you! 

Katharine Warren and Peter Watkins

You can also learn more about the IES-CFA partnership and opportunities here

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