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IES Students won the local round of the CFA Research Challenge


On Friday, February 4, 2022, a team of four students of the Institue of Economic Studies, Jakub Bobysud, Matej Leško, Peter Palovič and Ondřej Rosický, won the local round (Czech and Slovak finals) of the prestigious international competition CFA Research Challenge, which is organized annually by the CFA Institute. With this victory, our students followed not only the success of their colleagues in the last year's edition, but also the previous successes of Charles University teams in the history of this competition - IES students also won the local round of this challenge in 2016 and 2018.

The CFA Research Challenge is a unique opportunity for students from all over the world to experience the financial valuation of a specific company in the market. In this year's competition, the task was to prepare an analysis of the company   

Each team can consult their steps with a mentor who has years of experience in portfolio management or financial analysis and already holds a CFA degree. This year, the IES FSV UK team was mentored by Jan Hájek. 
Jiří Novák, who helped to assemble the team and also supported the team during the whole challenge in the role of the faculty advisor, commented on the competiton's result: "I am happy that we managed to repeat last year's success. I am even more pleased that our team managed to win with a big point lead. I believe that this year's success is very valuable, as is a very difficult company to valuate, given its specific business sector and not-so-long time on the market. Also, the team of students worked on the evaluation report still during the time of restrictions due to the receding coronavirus pandemic." 

The jury evaluated the students based on their analytical skills, the quality of the final report, as well as their presentation skills. Our students won the 1st place by 17.5 points over the second place team. The final evaluation report with complete results can be found here. 

While we are working on a detailed interview with the participants of the competition, our fingers remain crossed for the upcoming international rounds. 

Congratulations on your well-deserved success! 

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November 2022





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