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Apply to Minor by 21 March


Launched in 2019, Minor is designed for tech-savvy and motivated students who aim for in-depth interdisciplinary understanding of artificial intelligence and practical skills to apply it in various areas of interest.

Apart from continuously updated courses offered by some of the best teachers from two top Prague universities, participants get ample opportunity to learn from and network with fellow students and key academic and industry players of the Prague AI ecosystem. The programme also incentivises teachers to build tight collaborations across faculties and to improve and scale up their courses.

To successfully complete Minor, you are required to:

  • Apply by 21st March 2023 and be accepted.
  • Choose 4 out of 6 offered thematic blocks (CoreML and CoreSYMB are compulsory).
  • Pass at least one course of your choice in each of the 4 blocks. The selected courses must come from 3 out of 4 participating faculties.
  • Provide a confirmation of successful completion of your regular degree including a confirmation of passing Minor courses.


Autor - prof. PhDr. Ladislav Krištoufek Ph.D.


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