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Deloitte Outstanding Thesis (DOT) Awards 2022 winners announced


On October 25, 2022, the Deloitte Outstanding Thesis Award (DOT Award) was presented at Deloitte headquarters in Prague. 

With its name, the DOT Award not only refers to the Deloitte logo, but also represents a symbolic closure of the challenging study at IES FSV UK. It was established in 2018 thanks to the long-term partnership between IES and Deloitte. The examination committees nominate approximately top 10% of the best graduate theses every year. Later, the program directors evaluate the nominations based on the IES thesis grading criteria. The winning papers are finally presented to Deloitte representatives. 

The presentations, followed by the awarding of diplomas and prizes, and a networking reception were attended by the representatives of Deloitte Marek RomancovDavid Marek and Radovan Fišer, Deloitte Corporate Chair and coordinator of the cooperation at IES Jiří Novák and the DOT award laureates for 2022. 

The awarded theses' details, including abstracts and reviews, can be found at the links below:

Bachelor´s Theses:

Master´s Theses:

We would like to thank all nominees for the exceptional effort they have put into selecting their topic and the quality of their graduate theses.


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