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Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools when studying at IES


Given the recent fast developments of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools – which are now available to the general public (such as the ChatGPT from OpenAI) - we consider it important to specify the conditions under which such tools can be used by students during their studies at IES.

These conditions are in line with the general Statement of the Faculty of Social Sciences on the use of AI technology that was published in March 2023, the recent Press Release by Charles University (only in Czech), and the Statement on the Application of Artificial Intelligence in Teaching at Masaryk University from April 2023, which serves as a role model for other institutions and universities including Charles University. If you intend to use the AI tools, we strongly recommend that you read all the three statements as they include the key principles and a number of examples of how to properly use the AI tools when studying.

1.    In general, AI tools can be used during your studies, especially to support your learning and to develop your study-related skills - improving your writing style and grammar when writing essays, assignments, and theses, or to generate inspiration. However, treat the AI tools’ output carefully and with caution, respecting the principles of academic integrity and the requirement to produce your own original work that is based on reliable and verifiable sources of information.

2.    Declare explicitly the use of AI tools when writing your theses, essays, or working on your assignments at the beginning of your written output (ideally in the first footnote).

3.    Simple copying of the text generated by the AI tools and pretending that this is your own work - without providing your own additional value added, reviewing and citing original academic literature, or conducting data analyses - is not permitted and will be considered a form of plagiarism. In this case, the Faculty of Social Sciences will launch a disciplinary procedure in line with the existing rules and apply corresponding sanctions. To detect and assess plagiarism when using AI tools, Article 4 of Rector’s Directive No. 13/2020 will be applied.

4.    If the course lecturers do not explicitly allow the use of AI tools for fulfilling the requirements to complete the course (assignments, essays, tests or exams), using such tools is prohibited. Violating this prohibition will be considered an infringement of disciplinary rules following Article 2 of the Disciplinary Code for Students of Charles University.

In case of questions contact your course lecturers, thesis supervisors, or Directors of the Bachelor or Master Programs at IES.


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Autor - Ing. Dagmar Schnellerová

June 2023


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