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Year: 2021

Assessment of the Efficiency of QE in Selected Countries – A TVP-VAR Approach
Mgr. Denis Bandžak

Okun’s Law and Social Expenditure
Mgr. Marta Batíková

Traditional Real Estate Portfolio Diversification and Risk Measures: Evidence from the Czech Republic and Slovakia
Mgr.. Erik Müller

Acquisition of Costly Information in Data-Driven Decision Making
Mgr. Lukáš Janásek
Nomination Deloitte Outstanding Thesis Award.

Can Machines Explain Stock Returns?
Mgr. Karolína Chalupová

Careless society: Drivers of (un)secure passwords
Mgr. Vojtěch Nedvěd

Daylight Saving Time and Stock Market Returns: Evidence from the Visegrad Group
Mgr. Peter Kúdeľa

Daylight Saving Time and Traffic Safety: Evidence from the Czech Republic
Mgr. Olga Mironova

Economic freedom and economic growth: A Meta-Analysis
Mgr. Víctor Sardinero

Estimation of company credit rating by means of ordered probit model applied to Czech bond market environment
Mgr. David Pergl

Fighting Fake News with Accuracy: Dual Processing Perspective
Mgr. Mikayel Harutyunyan
Deloitte Outstanding Thesis Award.

Financial Development and Wealth Inequality: A Panel Data Analysis
Mgr. Paul Kaspar Mainka

Forecasting Electricity Pricing in Central and Eastern Europe
Mgr. Kristýna Křížová

Gravity analysis of outward Chinese FDI - tests of the Silk Road effect
Mgr. Peng Liu

How Parental Involvement Affects Education Outcomes of Their Children
Mgr. Klára Kantová

Investigation of cross-country differences in student performance in standardized tests: the role of modern and traditional teaching methods
Mgr. Marie Ptáčníková
Nomination Deloitte Outstanding Thesis Award

Is hype really that powerful? The correlation between mass and social media and cryptocurrency rates fluctuations
Mgr. Viktoriia Ilina

Islam and Economic Performance: A Meta-Analysis
Mgr. Patrik Kratochvíla

Liquidity and Predictability of Cryptoassets
Mgr. Viktória Mjartanová

Local and complementary currencies, a means to foster local economy: The case of France
Mgr. Félix André Jacques Buresi

Measuring Welfare Effects of the US-China Trade War Using General Equilibrium Models
Mgr. Ha Eun Kim

Mechanism of Negative Interest Rate's Influence on Bank Net Interest Margin
Mgr. Yingxuan Fan

Natural Resource Curse and Shadow Economy: Emprical Evidence
Mgr. Anna Chen

ncome Inequality and Happiness: A Meta-Analysis
Mgr. Lucie Kamenická

Obesity uncovered: the case of the Czech Republic
Mgr. Barbora Veselá

On multifractality and predictability of financial time series
Mgr. Michael Heller

Power markets and the EU ETS: How volatility propagates across Central Europe?
Mgr. Vojtěch Jurka

Predictive Power of Machine Learning in Cryptoassets
Mgr. Miroslav Duda

Regulatory Sandbox - International Experience
Mgr. Anastasija Černecka

Relationship between Daylight Saving Time and individuals' time use preferences - implications for the European reform of time switching regime
Mgr. Ján Dančej

The development and impact of internet finance
Mgr. Jia Wang

The effect of monetary stimulus on housing prices and the relationship of housing and rental prices in European countries
Mgr. Maximilian Hönig

The impact of grandchildren on retirement timing: evidence from SHARE data
Mgr. Jan Srna

The Impact of Renewable Electricity on the Czech Electricity Balancing Market
Mgr. Amálie Kašparová

The Impact of Student Employment on Educational Outcomes: A Meta-Analysis
Mgr. Kateřina Kroupová
Nomination Deloitte Outstanding Thesis Award

The Impacts of Non-Tariff Measures on China’s Tea Exports
Mgr. Ling Liu

The Principle and Economic Analysis of Bitcoin
Mgr. Jinggang Jiang

The Role of Business Confidence in the Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanism: Evidence from the Euro Area
Mgr. Zhaozhi Liu

The US Financial Market Uncertainty and Its Spillover to European Stock Markets
Mgr. Richard Karolík

Using spin model to determine FTTx connectivity market potential in the Czech Republic
Mgr. Pavel Munduch

Valuation in electronic commerce market within the comparison of different economy system
Mgr. Fan Zhang

What drives the differences between transaction and offered prices on the real estate market in Prague?
Mgr. Václav Kalous




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