Open Day

Every year we organize three meetings with the prospective applicants - in January, June and September.

2020 Meeting:

The presentation of our English degree program Bachelor in Economics and Finance (BEF) consisting of:

  • A tour of the university building, Opletalova St. 26, Prague and a guided tour around the building
  • Official presentations
  • Panel discussion
  • Subject talks

Next meeting will be organized sometime between November 2020 and April 2021. We will inform you about exact dates soon.
You are also welcome to attend the Open Days of Czech programs, the coordinators of English programs will be available there for your questions. In 2021, the Open Days will be held on January, 22 (online), and June, 11, 2021 in Czech language.


2019 Meetings:

Tuesday 26th November 2019

  • The detailed programme is available here

Monday 16th September 2019 


Online web seminar 2019:

In February we offer a web seminar for prospective students of the Master in Economics and Finance (MEF) program. During this webinar, students will be able to follow a live presentation led by one of the coordi and pose questions in an online chat.

The date will be specified during December.

January/ February and June Meetings 

Open Days for Czech bachelor program Ekonomie a Finance including individual consultations about our English degree programs BEF (Bachelor in Economics and Finance) and MEF (Master in Economics and Finance). Places to visit and see:

  • Information spot at the entrance: fliers and booklets
  • Computer lab 016 
  • Library and study rooms
  • Lecture rooms 105, 109, 206, 314, 601

In 2020, the Open Days were held on the 17th January and 12th June. 

To download:

Open Day presentation - January 2020

Open Day presentation for BEF students - September 2019

Open Day presentation for Master's students - June 2019


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