Adrian Lupusor (March 2015)

Adrian Lupusor comes from Chisina, Republic of Moldova. He started his studies at the Academy of Economic Studies in Moldova where he received MA in Financial and Banking Administration in 2010. The same year he began to study with us in the Master in Economics and Finance. He finished graduating “cum laude” in 2012. Adrian started to gain his working experience even during his studies. From 2008 he worked as the Head of Monetary Sector and Econometric Modeling Department in Analytical Center ”Expert-Grup“. Expert-Grup is an independent economic think-tank, based in Moldova and it is specialized in economic research and public policies. Adrian was responsible for conducting econometric analyses and providing evidence-based policy consultancy for the government and international organizations (e.g. UNDP Moldova). In 2013 Adrian became the Head of Working Group „Economy, Finance and Business Environment”, of the National Council for Participation, which is an advisory body created by the Government of Moldova and at the same time he acquired the position of the Executive Director of the “Expert Grup”. In the meantime, he cooperated on many projects. Among others he was the team-leader for developing the National Human Development Report 2014 for the Republic of Moldova, assisted the UNDP Moldova and the Government in defining the post-2015 agenda, worked with OECD on developing green growth policies in Moldova and coordinated other consultancy projects. During his studies he was repeatedly awarded as a student with the extraordinary results, he received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Moldova or received a number of scholarships. In his free time he relaxes by doing photography, travelling and playing tennis.


You come from Moldova, was there anything surprising for you while studying in the Czech Republic?

My decision to study in Prague and, specifically, at the Charles University, was based on prior analyses and discussions with students who were studying there. Hence, I knew what to expect: professional teachers, a very strong and research-oriented study program, international environment, and all this in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. My expectations were fully met, except for one thing: it was even better :)

You have completed two Masters degrees: one in Prague and another one in Chisniau. If you compare the Czech and Moldavian universities, what was the biggest difference?

The educational system in Moldova differs a lot from the one in the Czech Republic. At Charles University the students can adjust their study program based on their interests, thanks to the large number of elective courses, whereas in Moldova the program is more rigid. The marks are similar to the American system, with a scale from 1 to 4, whereas in Moldova we had the scale from 1 to 10. Last, but not least, is the environment, which at Charles University was much more international and dynamic, which I think is a major advantage of this program.

You are currently the Executive Director of Expert-Grup – an independent think-tank based in Moldova. What does your organization do?

Expert-Grup is a think-tank specialized in economic and social research with a strong focus on empirics and public policies. The organization is very dynamic and is continuously growing, being one of the most important in its field in Moldova. We are providing economic analyses, forecasts and sector-specific assessments for the Government, as well as international organizations (UNDP, World Bank, OECD, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, International Labour Organization etc.) who are presently active in Moldova. We also act as a watchdog organization, monitoring the reforms undertaken by the government, activities which are funded by organizations such as Moldova Soros Foundation, SIDA, Eastern-European Foundation and many other donors interested in Moldova.

How did you find yourself in this position?

I was appointed in this position about 2 years ago, which was probably the most important challenge I've had to undertake so far in my professional career. Since then, the organization has grown both numerically and qualitatively, which is a good sign and we will do our best to continue this trend.

What are your future plans with the think-tank? Are there any interesting projects or analyses which will follow that you might disclose to us a little bit?

An important medium-term objective of Expert-Grup is to expand at the regional level and to provide the same consultancy services for other Eastern-European countries. In this regard, we are currently seeking international projects and are building international consortiums with other similar organizations.

How do you clear your head, do you have a hobby which enables you to switch off completely?

I enjoy the combination between travelling and street and landscape photography. On some weekends me and my wife (who is also a graduate of IES) drive outside the city in order to enjoy the colors and peace of the countryside. Another passion of mine is playing tennis, which I try to do at least once or twice per week, although sometimes it is hard to merge it with my working schedule.

You can find more information about the activities of Expert-Grup here.




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