Research seminars


March 24: CFO Facial Beauty and Bank Loan Contracting
Karel Hrazdil, Simon Fraser University

April 14: The Persistence of Investment Inefficiencies: The Dynamics of Default and Endogenous Leverage
Dimitrios Tsomocos, University of Oxford

May 26: The Costs of Being Sustainable: Cross-Country Evidence
Gonul Colak, University of Sussex, Hanken School of Economics

June 9: Policy Effectiveness on the Global COVID-19 Pandemic and Unemployment Outcomes: A Large Mixed Frequency Spatial Approach
Ying Chen, National University of Singapore

October 20: TBA
Radu Tunaru, University of Sussex


February 14: Supersize Me: Intangibles and Industry Concentration
Matěj Bajgar, OECD


April 10: Investor trading behavior and stock returns
Numan Ülkü, University of South Australia

April 16:  Capital Market Integration and Innovation: Firm-level Evidence from 43 Countries
Xinpeng Xu, Hong Kong Polytechnic University 

October 17: Imputing the Social Value of Public Healthcare: A General Equilibrium Simulation of Israel
Erez Yerushalmi, Birmingham City Business School


February 10:  How effective are capital-based macroprudential measures in taming the macro-financial cycles? Evidence from structural models for Spain
Eddie Gerba, Bank of Spain and LSE    

February 21: Network Effects of Monetary Policy: Evidence from Global Value Chains 
Zornitsa Todorova, Bocconi University  

April 18: Generalized Disappointment Aversion, Learning, and Asset Prices 
Mykola Babiak, CERGE-EI and Warwick Business School    

April 19: Balancing the Public Interest-Defence in Cartel Offenses
Lukas Toth, University of Amsterdam

May 31: Ethnic Geography, Ethnic Favoritism and the Economics of Ethnic Diversity   
Michele Valsecchi, New Economic School, Moscow    

June 6: Corrupt Bureaucrats: The Response of Non-Elected Officials to Electoral Accountability  
Michele Valsecchi, New Economic School, Moscow    

October 3: How can financial constraints force a central bank to exit a currency peg? An application to the Swiss franc peg   
Julien Pinter, Paris I Sorbonne    

October 9: Monetary Policy and Household (De-)leveraging   
Mathias Klein, DIW Berlin    

October 17: Asymmetric Connectedness of Fears in the Financial Sector
Mattia Bevilacqua, Kent Business School, University of Kent

November 13: Efficiency Convergence in Islamic and Conventional Banks
Vasileios Pappas, Kent Business School, University of Kent   

December 11: Financial (in)stability in Chile
Dimitrios Tsomocos, Said Business School, University of Oxford

December 11: Financial (in)stability in the Russian Federation
Alexandr Shirobokov, Higher School of Economics, Moscow


June 15: Penalized Adaptive Method   
Lenka Zboňáková, Humboldt University Berlin    

June 21: Uncertainty about information endowment, option value of voluntary disclosure and investment efficiency   
Xiaojing Meng, NYU Stern School of Business  

November 21: Sparse-Group Network Autoregressive Model for the Bitcoin Blockchain   
Simon Trimborn, HU Berlin and NUS Singapore

August 2022




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