Bachelors Theses Topics

PhDr. Jana Votápková Ph.D.
Topics concerning efficiency measurements Topics in healthcare economics Geographical imbalances in healthcare supply Impact of socio-demographic aspects on training and contest intensity among runners (Jan Klásek) Determinants of divorce: Evidence from the Czech Republic (Natálie Kolářová) Depression in aging population: Social and economic determinants (Kristýna Šafářová) Send me an email with areas that interest you and we will discuss a specific topic.

Jan Průša M.Phil. (Cantab), Ph.D.
1) Theory of capital in economic thought: from past to present. (Focus on the Austrian school.) Overview including, but not limited to: Smith, Marx, Böhm-Bawerk, Wicksell, Lachmann, Keynes, von Strigl, Hayek, Mises, Kirzner. 2) The theory of capital in current economic thought. Overview including, but not limited to: Standard mainstream models focusing on technological progress (Solow residual, Real business cycle theory); extensions concerning human capital and education (Arrow); measurement of capital. 3) Technical and economic efficiency (theory, application, or both). 4) Subsidies of photovoltaic (or any other "renewable") power plants in the Czech Republic. The redistributive nature of subsidies. Cost and benefit analysis of Czech installed capacity. Potential comparison with other neighbouring countries. Besides, I will be glad to consult on any other topic related to my specialization -- please refer to my publications and literature mentioned therein.

Mgr. Lukáš Rečka
Topics in energy economics and energy modelling

Mgr. Dominika Špolcová
Topics related to economics of well-being or from the area of environmental economics are welcome. Students are welcome to specify the topic on their own. Only theses written in English and LaTeX are to be supervised.

PhDr. Karolína Vozková
Bank performance Banking non-interest income Impact of market concentration on banks Export financing with state support

Mgr. Pavel Ryska MPhil
1. Business cycle theories (theoretical rather than empirical treatment) 2. The Austrian school of economics - mainly its business cycle theory, but also other topics including the main protagonists of this school of thought 3. Deflation 4. Theories of the interest rate and the role of the interest rate in the business cycle

Mgr. Milan Ščasný PhD.
Household behaviour and residential demand (energy demand, energy savings, fuel demand, mobility, organic food, diets); links to social-psychological behavioral theories Non-market valuation (willingness-to-pay for environmental goods, ecosystem services, health risk and safety, new product, new business/service models); discrete choice experiments, hedonic pricing Health benefit valuation (Value of a Statistical Life, WTP for avoiding illness, increasing fertility, or improving health, WTP versus QALY/DALY) Regulatory Impact Assessment - energy system modelling, economic models (CGE, E3ME, microsimulation model); external cost quantification; Social Cost of Carbon Environmental economics; energy economcis, transport economics

Mgr. Marek Šedivý
Topics related to measurement of income inequality and poverty.

PhDr. Tomáš Sedláček Ph.D.
Economic Thougth of Thomas Aquinas

PhDr. Jakub Seidler Ph.D.
All slots are currently occupied

PhDr. Vojtěch Seman
Application of Bayesian Model Averaging technique, Corporate Governance topics, Public Debt and Economic Growth

Ing. Vilém Semerák M.A., Ph.D.
Mapping international value chains: the use of WIOT data Gravity models and estimates of trade potentials Measuring effects of economic sanctions (e.g. EU-Russia)

PhDr. Goran Serdarević M.A.
Regulace fúzí a akvizic v EU/USA Modelování dopadů fúzí a akvizic na tržní prostředí Politická ekonomie antimonopolní regulace Regulace a anti-trust v telekomunikacích EU Network neutrality a ekonomie internetu Mikroekonomický pohled na aukce frekvenčních pásem Zneuziti vyznamne trzni sily na vice-strannych trzich

Mgr. Ing. Tomáš Šestořád
Topics related to macroeconomics and monetary economics (ZLB, unconventional monetary policy tools) investigated by DSGE models and multivariate time series analysis. Students are welcome to specify the topic on their own. Only theses written in English and LaTeX are to be supervised.

doc. Ing. Ondřej Schneider MPhil., Ph.D.
UPOZORNĚNÍ: Z DŮVODU POBYTU V ZAHRANIČÍ JSOU MOŽNÉ JEN PÍSEMNÉ KONZULTACE E-MAILEM!! Pension systems in European countries - what can we learn from reforms? Pension reform with children-related public pensions Law makers - who are they? Professional and educational background of Czech (or other) law makers Fiscal policy - political constraints and theoretical assumptions 1. Tržní selhání versus vládní selhání - esej. 2. Daně jako nástroj vládní politiky - esej. 3. Hlavní výdajové programy českých veřejných rozpočtů - popis a analýza potenciálních rizik. 4. Příjmy veřejných rozpočtů v ČR - popis a analýza potenciálních rizik. 5. Rozpočet Evropské unie a vliv na českou rozpočtovou politiku. 6. Srovnání českého rozpočtu s rozpočty vybraných zemí Evropské unie a zemí střední Evropy. 7. Důchodové systémy: možnosti přizpůsobení ve stárnoucí společnosti. 8. Důchodový systém - rozdíly mezi ČR a okolními státy. 9. Deficity veřejných rozpočtů a ekonomický růst - empirická studie. 10. Optimální nelineární daň- studie. 11. Teorie růstu veřejného sektoru - studie. NOVE - Temata vedena Jane Zapalem (s moji pripadnou podporou) jsou uvedena v nize pripjenem souboru.

PhDr. Jiří Schwarz Ph.D.
i) Business climate indices: How are they formed? ii) Interesting, preferably empirical topics concerning institutions and entrepreneurship. iii) More to come. Stay tuned...

Mgr. Jan Šíla MSc.
Please see Diploma theses section. Currently supervised theses: Machine Learning Methods for Currency Pairs Trade Prediction - issued 2018/2019 Application of Machine Learning in Portfolio Construction - issued 2019/2020

PhDr. Ing. Jiří Skuhrovec PhD.
Public procurement - various topics (procurement data) Political party financing (party donation and budget data) Virtual Economies - Bitcoin, World of Warcraft, Second Life. Digital, virtual currencies (applied monetary theory) Other works with czech public sector data - Insolvencies, Research grants, EU grants.., especially data from portal.

Mgr. Lenka Šlegerová
I will be happy to consider supervising theses on health economics and healthcare policies, e.g. cost-benefit analysis, policy evaluation, or analysis of healthcare accessibility. Especially a focus on the Czech Republic is welcomed.

Ing. Mgr. Šarlota Smutná, MSc.
I suggest any topic in the field of applied econometrics, especially microeconometrics and consumer demand analysis.

Mgr. Jan Šolc
Libovolná témata z oblasti makroekonomie a bankovnictví dle dohody se studenty (Topics from macroeconomics and banking according to students´ preferences)

PhDr. Jan Soudek
any topic related to fiscal policies, public finance, public procurement, microeconomics, cost allocation methods etc. e.g.: the role of SMEs in public procurement

Mgr. Ing. Martin Štěpánek M.A., Ph.D.
Pension systems and their sustainability Topics on migration and labour force Health and wellbeing in economics - sleep, productivity... Other interesting topics

PhDr. RNDr. Josef Stráský Ph.D.
Principy bayesovské ekonometrie BVAR (bayesovská vektorová autoregrese) Další témata po domluvě.

PhDr. Pavel Streblov M.Sc.
European competition policy Rental and capital value determinants Risk-adjusted property returns and market efficiency Efficiency of large vs. small real estate markets Volatility of real estate markets as cause of crises Real estate investment as hedge against inflation Property development vs. macroeconomic cycles Mortgage market determinants and saturation Valuation of commercial mortgage backed securities

Ph.D. Candidate Mahir Suleymanov
Energy Economics Investments

PhDr. Petr Švarc
Selected topics in Agent-Based Computational Economics - student is expected either to develop his/her own agent-based model or to compare the agent-based and neoclassical approach to particular problem (e.g. financial markets, market competition and/or organization, economic growth etc.)

Mgr. Svatopluk Svoboda
Industry classifiaction - development/problems Measures of concentration on sectoral level Concentration dynamics

prof. PhDr. Petr Teplý Ph.D.
No free topics available for the 2020/2021 academic year.

Mgr. Tomáš Troch
Topics in healthcare economics: regional variation in healthcare provision hospital efficiency comparison reimbursement mechanisms (theory and empirics) health macroeconomic multipliers other topics

Salim Turdaliev M.A.
Energy Economics, Environmental Economics, Labor Economics.

PhDr. Pavel Vacek Ph.D.
A) ANTITRUST ECONOMICS 1. Application of the Articles 101 and 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) in the Czech Republic 2. Antitrust Decisions of the Czech Office for Protection of Competition 3. Margin Squeeze in Telecommunications 4. Margin Squeeze in Electricity sector 5. Antitrust cases in the Czech Republic – Case Studies 6. An Economic Approach to Abuse of Dominance 7. Market Definition of the Access to the Broadband Internet 8. Issues of the New Law about Significant Market Power in the CZ 9. Predatory Pricing in Transport Sector 10. Effectiveness of Antitrust Sanctions on Cartels 11. Sector Analysis in the Czech Republic (telecommunications, transportation, electricity, banking, coal) B) INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS 1. Productivity Spillovers from Foreign Direct Investment 2. Exporting and Productivity 3. Does Supplying to Multinationals Ease Liquidity Constraints? C) INTERNATIONAL FINANCE 1. Central Bank Interventions and their Influence on Exchange Rates 2. Influence of Sales of Central Bank’s Reserves on Exchange Rates D) REAL ESTATE ECONOMICS 1. Demand for Housing and other Real Estate in the Czech Republic – trends, forecasts, determinants 2. Supply of Housing, and other Real Estate in the Czech Republic – trends, forecasts, determinants 3. Housing Bubble in the Czech Republic 4. Real Estate Trends in the Czech Republic 5. Czech House Renting Market

Mgr. Petra Valíčková
Topics related to energy markets. For example: Competition in energy markets; Regulation of energy markets; Renewables and energy efficiency; Electricity access rates and development; Role of the private sector in energy access and development.

Matěj Vančura
Americký institucionalismus (American Institutionalism) - John R. Commons Ekonomická historie - hospodářská politika USA a Velká Británie do 30. let 20. stol. (Economic history - economic policy in England and US up to the 1930s) Německá historická škola (German Historical School) - Max Weber

prof. RNDr. Jan Ámos Víšek CSc.
Possible an agreement about any topic on robust data processing.

Msc Yao Wang PhDr
Business Economics Corporate Finance SME Finance

Fan Yang MSc.
Experimental Accounting, Financial Accounting

Mgr. Jan Žáček
Topics related to macroeconomics and monetary economics investigated by DSGE models, such as research questions focused on inflation targeting. Students are welcome to specify the topic on their own. Only theses written in English and LaTeX are to be supervised.

PhDr. Jan Zápal Ph.D.
List of suitable bachelor and master thesis topics can be found on my IES page (search for my name on the main IES page). See the file at the very bottom of the page.

PhDr. Ayaz Zeynalov Ph.D.
– Students are welcome to consult the supervision of his/her theses related to fields of my research interest: Economic development, natural resources and institution; Endogenous growth models; Meta-analysis; Gravity model of international trade; Google econometrics




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