Visiting Master’s at CERGE-EI

For Czech-speaking Masters students (Master´s program "Ekonomie a Finance") or for students of the Master in Economics and Finance, IES and CERGE-EI jointly offer a unique opportunity to study part of the track simultaneously at IES and CERGE-EI  via the Visiting Master’s scheme.

The scheme combines Master’s level courses at IES with PhD-level courses at CERGE-EI and is designed for strong and highly motivated students. As a result, IES Master’s students visiting CERGE-EI:

  • obtain their Master's degree in Economics from IES
  • complete the 1st year of their PhD coursework at CERGE-EI including General exams, and may proceed to the 2nd year of the CERGE-EI PhD program if they wish

Visiting Master’s take the 1st-year PhD courses at CERGE-EI as equivalents of IES courses and receive credits. For example, CERGE-EI’s PhD course “Macroeconomics I" would be recognized as equivalent to IES’s Masters-level course “Advanced Macroeconomics.” See Program Details section for more information.

Key facts

  • High-quality, challenging PhD-level Economics courses at CERGE-EI.
  • All courses are taught in English. Academic Skills Center helps students develop Economics-specific language and academic skills.
  • No tuition fee associated with visiting CERGE-EI.
  • Fellowships are available for the best students to cover living expenses.
  • Option to complete the PhD in Economics program at CERGE-EI later on.
  • The application deadline for the Visiting Master’s scheme is August 20

Eligibility Criteria

  • Bachelor’s degree in economics, mathematics, financial mathematics, statistics, physics, or related fields.
  • Strong background in mathematics.
  • Previous education in economics is not required but desirable.
  • Sufficient competence in English to complete English-taught courses.

How Does It Work?

The contractual cooperation allows you to take the first-year PhD courses at CERGE-EI as equivalents of IES courses. You may earn up to 80 credits (out of 120 in total). Below is an outline of courses and exams that most visiting Master’s students follow, particularly those who later intend to continue with the PhD program at CERGE-EI.

1st year: Take the CERGE-EI core sequence (3 semesters from early September to mid-July).

End of 1st year: Take CERGE-EI Core General exams.

2nd year:

  • Take the remaining home university courses necessary to earn your Master’s degree.
  • Spend one semester on an Erasmus exchange abroad (optional).
  • Write your Master’s thesis, supervised at your home university, at CERGE-EI, or jointly.

End of 2nd year:

  • Pass State exams at your home university.
  • Defend your Master’s thesis.
  • Transfer to the second year of the PhD program at CERGE-EI if you wish.


There is no tuition fee for students participating in the Visiting Master’s scheme at CERGE-EI. However, students are expected to cover their living expenses.


CERGE-EI offers a limited number of fellowships to exceptionally well-qualified visiting Master’s applicants. Fellowship holders receive a monthly stipend of 8,500-11,500 CZK to cover their living expenses while visiting CERGE-EI.

The Fellowship may be granted based upon a student’s academic performance during the first semester of the visit.

January 2022




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