JLB004 - English for Economics II

Credit: 3
Status: Bachelors - All
Bachelors - core
Semester - summer
Course supervisors: Mgr. Lucie Poslušná
Course homepage: JLB004
Literature: vice informaci v SIS
Description: This course is designed for both students doing a BA course and an MA course. It focuses on reading and anylysing economic texts, mainly in terms of vocabulary. Its objective is to expand students´ knowledge of specific language, communicative skills and to achieve higher accuracy of grammatical structures. Students get acquainted with the vocabulary of reading the graphs, launching a product, marketing, banking English, securities markets, accounting, and last but not least types of companies in the AngloSaxon world. The students´ level of the language should be at an advanced level- C1 when they finish the course. Part of the course focuses on "Presentation skills",consequently students are asked to give group presentations in the class. Even though attendance is optional, students who do not attend the classes have to come to one of the them to give a group presentation. After the end of the spring semester the presentations will not be accepted.




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