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22/11/2021 - Updated internship offers

The list of internship possibilities for our students was updated. Please see the details here.

19/11/2021 - Alumnus of the Month in October was Goran Serdarević

In October, Goran Serdarevic was chosen as the Alumnus of the Month. Goran works at Frontier Economics. You can read about his experience working for a foreign company and meanwhile living in Prague, why he likes the Balkans and how the IES has influenced his entire life in the interview with him here.





04/11/2021 - Solve It 2021

 Solve It is a two-round case study competition that provides students and young professionals with consulting experience through helping a real organization solve its current strategic and operational challenges. If you’re keen on applying your skills where they matter and broadening your horizons, Solve It is for you! We welcome all Czech / Slovak speaking applicants irrespective of their education or experience—whatever your background, you will bring a different perspective to the study and give your skills a relevant boost. This year, Solve It will be held in a hybrid format. The first round will be held online and the final round will take place in person1 (with an option to join online for teams unable to join us in person) so you can expect an abundance of networking opportunities.

Register here.

26/10/2021 - McKinsey careers beyond consulting

 At McKinsey, we look for exceptional people with a variety of backgrounds from colleges and universities around the world and we hope your students will start their career journeys with us.

Session 1 at 11:00

Session 2 at 20:30 

Event details

Date: Tuesday, November 9th, 2021

Time: 11:00 - 12:00 or 20:30 - 21:30 


Who is McKinsey?

Careers beyond consulting: Joining McKinsey Global Services' teams

Find your fit: An introduction to our business functions

Questions for Colleagues: Ask us anything from culture to the recruiting process


Current students & recent graduates exploring opportunities in:

   - Bengaluru, India

   - Chennai, India

   - Manila, Philippines

   - Phoenix, Arizona

   - Poznan, Poland

   - Prague, Czech Republic

   - San Jose, Costa Rica

   - Tampa, Florida


14/10/2021 - Alumnus of September: Tomáš Matyska

In September, we chose Tomáš Matyska as the Alumnus of the Month. We talked with him about his life in Belgium, where he works at KBC and focuses on data analysis. You can read about his career development and what to do if somebody wants to work in this field in our interview with Tomáš here.





05/10/2021 - Solve It 2021

Come and help McKinsey Prague Solve It! The legendary case competition is back and this time, we teamed up with a Czech social enterprise which helps thousands of people in developing countries to see better. Interested to find out more?, form a team by November 7 and apply!

13/09/2021 - Alumnus of the Month in August was Patrik Bauer

Who is the last Alumnus of the Month this summer? Patrik Bauer. An enthusiastic traveller and now a gardener, he has been working at T-Mobile since this year, where he is in charge of "transformation". You can read what it is about and about his long career in the energy industry in our interview here.


30/08/2021 - Alumnus of the Month Jan Hájek

In the summer, one of the Alumnus of the Month was Jan Hájek. Jan works at the European Central Bank, where he analyses capital adequacy and credit risk in the Banking Supervision Department. You can read not only about his career at the ECB, but also at the CNB, or about life in Germany in our interview with Jan - here.





27/08/2021 - Charles University Environment Center offers a job

Charles University Environment Center is searching for two persons to enrich its economic analytical team:

Job description: application and development of our in-house tools and models, namely the energy system PE model TIMES-CZ and computable general equilibrium model for economic analysis of the impacts.

Economic analyst: Economic modelling of impacts (CGE model)
Energy analyst: Energy system modelling (TIMES model)

The Center closely collaborates with the IES.

14/07/2021 - Alumnus of the Month was Jan Polách

The latest Alumnus of the Month was Jan Polách. In June we talked to him about his studies and life in the UK, what quant manager means and how he handles lockdown abroad. Jan's profile and interview with him can be found here.




08/06/2021 - Alumnus of May - Jan Šomvársky

Jan Šomvársky was Alumnus of the Month in May. Jan studied Innovation Management at the Rotterdam School of Management and then founded the start-up Vitadio. An interview with Jan you can read about innovations and Vitadio, and everything can be found together with Jan's profile here.









06/05/2021 - Alumna of the Month in April was Tereza Michálková

In April, we chose Tereza Michálková as our Graduate of the Month. After her bachelor's degree, Tereza went to the University of Amsterdam, where she is now studying econometrics and marketing and already has a lot of work experience at her age. In our interview we talked to Tereza about how she got a job in the Netherlands, her future plans, or her study "experiences". The interview and Tereza's profile can be found here.



06/04/2021 - Alumnus of March Daniel Vach

In March, we interviewed Daniel Vach, who is a co-founder of SENS. In the interview, you will learn how the idea of starting a business with crickets was actually born, how such a business is maintained during a pandemic, and what "Dan's five goals" mean. You can find Dan's profile and interview here.


18/03/2021 - CFA Institute Ethics Learning Lab

The CFA Institute Ethics Learning Lab, home of our popular Ethical Decision-Making Program, has been expanded and transitioned into a paid subscription-based, engaging, and interactive Professional Learning community.

The Learning Lab will now offer your students the opportunity to engage with CFA Institute members and candidates as well as financial industry professionals in a continually growing library of resources and a collaborative community — all focused on promoting ethics and professionalism across the industry. And in addition to the existing programs, the community will launch with four new programs that teach the CFA Institute Standards of Professional Conduct and are designed to be fun and interactive.CFA institute are giving the students free 3-month subscriptions to the new community. Please use discount code - for a code, please write to Eliška Krohová

10/03/2021 - Alumnus of the Month - Jakub Čermák

Jakub Čermák is the second Alumnus of the Month this year. Jakub graduated from St. Gallen University and now works at Perella Weinberg Partners in the UK. In the interview with Jakub, you will read about life in London, or simply about how to get "from Prague to London via Switzerland…" Jakub's profile and the whole interview can be found here.





03/03/2021 - Economics of European integration

PhD position in Economics, specializing in Economics of European integration

The LEM (UMR 9221), a research unit of the Université de Lille invites applications for a 3-years, fully funded PhD position in Economics with the emphasis on the economics of European integration starting in September 2021.

23/02/2021 - ACCA offer

ACCA offer for students from accredited Universities! Boost your career with a finance qualification from ACCA. Register now and benefit from UP TO 50% discount from your student registration and annual subscription fee.

Discount code: BUL and more info will be provided by email:

15/02/2021 - The first Alumna of the month in 2021 - Hana Bečičková

This year we choose Hana Bečičková as the first Alumna of the month. Since December 2020, Hana works at the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg, where she focuses on loan pricing and product development especially for developing countries. She has experience studying at various universities around the world and has spent recent years as a digital nomad on a trip around the world. You can find the interview with Hanka and her profile here.




12/02/2021 - The First ESG-related competition in the CEE region

The First ESG-related competition in the CEE region hosted by CFA Society Poland.

Investors are becoming more and more cognizant of the importance of ESG standards and expect management and boards to invest responsibly with a greater emphasis on non-financial KPIs such as environmental, social and governance. Following this trend, CFA Society Poland and QuantFin - Foundation are organizing an inaugural competition for students from the CEE region promoting the importance of ESG data in making investment decisions.

Until the end of May, student teams from the CEE region will be working on solving the challenge which consists of creating an ESG index based on financial, non-financial, and alternative data and then assessing the effectiveness of using ESG criteria in the investment-decision process. The registration is open until 4 March.

The winning team receives 4000 EUR plus a dedicated webinar & panel discussion, an offer of internship and a short publication
The second place team receives 2000 EUR + an internship offer by partners.
The third place team receives 1000 EUR + an internship offer by partners.

The competition website:  

06/01/2021 - Alumna of the Month in December was Tereza Tachovská

Tereza Tachovská was the Alumna of the month in December. In an interview with Tereza, we discussed her studies of Corporate Finance and Strategy program at the IES and Sciences Po Strasbourg, working in risk management of alternative investments and living in Luxembourg. You can find the interview and Tereza's profile here.





06/12/2020 - Alumnus of the Month in November is Martin Hrachovec

In November, we interviewed Martin Hrachovec, who is in charge of strategic planning at Plzeňský Prazdroj. You can read not only about his job, but also about studying the "economics of aging" or why he started to work in the brewery in an interview here.




24/11/2020 - McKinsey & Company: Presentation for FSV IES students

Studying IES equips you with analytical and soft skills – solid fundamentals for a good career! Let us tell you more about how you can make yourself a great candidate for a career in consulting. This is an open event for all first- and second-year students. The presentation takes place on Wednesday December 9th, 2020 via Zoom. Please register here.

09/11/2020 - Job offer at Deloitte

Team Valuation & Financial Modelling in Deloitte currently seeks candidates for positions of an Associate. The team has many years of experience in valuation and financial modelling, providing services to clients both locally and internationally. New colleagues are going to be involved in several important projects. Job description involves developing financial and economic analysis, preparing individual financial modelling modules, supporting senior team members at meetings with clients and developing relationships with clients. We especially welcome candidates interested in commercial banking. Please see the details here: Valuation and Financial Modelling.


05/11/2020 - Alumna of the Month in October: Y My Černá Vu

In October, we choose Y My Černá Vu and interviewed her as the Alumna of the Month. Ymy works at Avast and deals with "data". We talked with her about her studies, built her career and how she perceives motherhood now, when she has a small daughter. The inteview can be found here.


08/10/2020 - Solve It 2020: has a bold mission to transform Prague to world class AI superhub and we are pleased to announce that they will be our partner organization for this year's Solve It! Participants will get a chance to support on its way to achieve this mission!

Solve It is a two-round case study competition that provides students and young professionals with consulting experience by helping a real organization solve its current strategic and operational challenges. If you’re keen on applying your skills where they matter and broadening your horizons, Solve It is for you! We welcome all applicants irrespective of their education or experience—whatever your background, you will bring a different perspective to the study and give your skills a relevant boost. You can apply both in groups or as individuals and Solve is fully online this year, so you can connect from all around the world on

Application deadline: 
October 25 (23:59)

First round: 
October 27–November 1, 2020 (online)

Final round: 
November 13–14, 2020 (online)

05/10/2020 - Alumni Chair 2020

Similarly to previous years, the Alumni Committee has committed itself to contributing to the development of the IES by selecting and awarding the Alumni Chair. This year, František Čech was nominated, and after completing several interviews with members of the Alumni Committee, the Alumni Committee has decided to grant him support in the amount of 50, 000 CZK. Martin Gregor, the Director of IES FSS CU, also confirms that this year's Chairholder is well chosen: “First of all, we hope that our colleague František Čech will further develop the analysis of financial assets at the IES, using machine learning methods. Thanks to this, the students will have more opportunities to get acquainted with advanced statistical methods in finance and apply them to relevant data from financial markets.”

The Alumni Committee would like to thank to all individual donors and main sponsors, such as Jan Hlavsa and Eva Hlavsová from Fondee with their contribution of 30,000 CZK, for enabling the support of this young and talented pedagogue.

František Čech is now responsible for the Financial Economics (on the BA level) and Asset Pricing (on MA level) courses. He has completed all levels of higher education at IES FSS UK. He finished his studies in June 2019, when he obtained a doctoral degree for his dissertation “Three Essays on Risk Modelling and Empirical Asset Pricing”. His dissertation was among others awarded with the National bank of Slovakia Governor's Award. During his doctoral studies, he spent two months as a visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley and regularly attended conferences of the Society for Financial Econometrics. Since the end of his studies, he has been working at IES as an Assistant Professor and at the Institute of Information Theory and Automation, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic as a postdoc.

The Alumni IES Committee has been awarding the Alumni Chair since 2008, following up the previous Publishing Support Program, organized since 2001. The Alumni Chair is a grant aimed at top young educators working at the Institute of Economic Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University. The intention is to support beginning researchers who also work as teachers at IES. Last year, Jiří Kukačka and Paola Bertoli received the Alumni Chair support.

Short interview with František Čech

František, what does the IES mean to you?

Ever since the start of my university studies in 2007, the IES has been a place where I can meet (and I am meeting on daily basis) interesting, highly intelligent people. It does not matter whether it was during my studies when my classmates motivated me to work hard and professors challenged us with tons of assignments, or recently, when the roles have changed, and I try to challenge students who always surprise me with the creativity of their problem-solving. The excitement also appears during the discussions with colleagues about current issues at the cutting edge of our economic knowledge.

What is it that you do besides teaching itself?

I maintain/build connections mainly with Humboldt University - in 2019 I was the primary recipient of the CENTRAL Kollegs project supporting collaboration among young researchers. I also administratively support the GEMCLIME project, which provides funding for the long-term mobility of students and IES employees to the world's top universities. By the end of the project, my working capacity will be entirely dedicated to the coordination of the new Master in Finance and Data Analytics (MFDA) programme. Within the given programme, I participated in a joint application for the Erasmus+ programme designed to establish closer cooperation with Ukrainian Catholic University.

What is the direction of your research these days?

I focus mainly on the applied financial econometrics and empirical asset pricing. My recent paper was published by the Journal of Financial Markets, the A-level journal in the field of finance. In one of my current projects, the dynamics of the government bond futures contracts are being studied. Specifically, I study commonalities in the tails of various bond futures contracts and try to build a factor model that will empirically outperform current benchmark models. The expected outcome of this project is a research article finalized later this year and published by a top-quality journal. Besides bond futures pricing, I am interested in the role of liquidity in asset pricing models and connectedness of financial markets due to bad/good news.

What is the "best" thing for you at IES?

Thanks to its familiar atmosphere and individual approach of the professors, literally, nothing is impossible.





04/10/2020 - Alumna of the Month in September was Kateřina Křehlíková Klubíčková

In September, we did an interview with Kateřina Křehlíková Klubíčková. Kateřina works at the ECB and you can read about the application process in ECB, her studies at the University of Cambridge, or about the life in Germany in an interview here.










23/09/2020 - Updated: Online classes in Winter term 2020/2021

Due to regulation issued by the Hygienic Station of the Capital City of Prague, all classes will be taught as online classes

Specific information about each course will be available on the course homepage.

For more information about the official measures against the spread of coronavirus, please see here and here.

Thank you for your understanding, constructive approach, and cooperation!

04/08/2020 - Alumnus of the Month in July was Vladimír Nahodil

Vladimír Nahodil was an Alumnus of the Month in July. In the interview with Vladimír, you can read about his experience of living in Switzerland, studying at Cambridge, but also about why it is better to work in a bank than in FMCG sector. You can find the interview together with the profile here.








07/07/2020 - Czech Priorities Thesis Support and stipend for young researchers in 2020-2021

Many university students want to choose a high-impact research topic that could fill a real

gap in current academic knowledge and not end up “in a drawer”. This is not an easy task
and students might get discouraged. We want to help!

We have identified various research gaps in areas close to our mission, where new research
outcomes should be 1) potentially high-impact, 2) of interest by respected international
research organizations or 3) highly important for the Czech Republic.

In this program, we offer support to all interested applicants in terms of:
1. Helping to define a specific research question, hypothesis, and approach
2. Connecting with relevant experts, organizations and/or advisors
3. Offering ongoing mentoring and advice from our experts
In addition, we will provide a 16.000 CZK stipend (in two payments) to selected applicants.

Please see the details here.

07/07/2020 - Alumnus of the Month was in June Jan Stříbný

In June, we chose Jan Stříbný as the Alumnus of the Month. Jan studied and currently lives in Amsterdam. In an interview with him, you will read about his work, automatic trading and life in the Netherlands. You can find the interview and his profile here.








02/06/2020 - Alumna of the Month in May was Katarína Spyra

In May, we choose Katarína Spyra as the Alumna of the Month. Katrína lives with her family in Switzerland, where she also works. In an interview with her, you will read about how she manages to combine motherhood and work, about studies other than at the IES and what determined her career. You can find Katrína's profile and interview here.







15/03/2020 - How to make meaningful use of time at home? Make your CV attractive to be ready for 'after coronavirus'

I offer the possibility of consulting your future career, studies, writing cover letters, or CV online. Please send me an e-mail to and we will agree on which consultation tool we will use and when.

08/03/2020 - The Alumna of the Month in February was Petra Andrlíková

In February we choose as the Alumna of the Month Petra Andrlíková. Petra joined Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa, in the USA, as an Assistant Professor of Finance in August 2019. In the interview with Petra you can read about her studies at several foreign universities, challenging recruitment process for her current position and the life in the USA. You can find Petra’s profile, as well as the interview here.



02/02/2020 - Alumnus of the Month in January is Jan Sviták

The Alumnus of the Month is Jan Sviták. Jan lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He works as an econometrician at the The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets. An interview with Honza, as well as his profile, can be found here.





25/01/2020 - McKinsey & Company: Apply for Proud Talent recruiting event

Proud Talent is hosted in collaboration with GLAM, our global network of LGBTQ+ colleagues and
allies and will take place in Budapest on 3-4 April 2020. 

This event is aimed at individuals who identify as LGBTQ+ and are interested in learning more our
Belgrade, Bucharest, Budapest, Prague, Kiev, Warsaw and Zagreb offices.
You will have the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops, which will show you how
McKinsey problem solving toolkit helps bring value–we will go through the steps of problem
definition, problem structuring and synthesis. You will learn how to present your findings in the most
convincing way. You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with your peers and get to know us -
meet our LGBTQ+ colleagues and allies, and learn about the various career opportunities that
McKinsey offers. 

We will reimburse your travel expenses, and organize accommodation for you. Do not worry about
food during the event, we will provide it. This event is non evaluative. Proud Talent is an opportunity
for you to meet us and learn more about working at McKinsey, to develop your problem solving skills
and network with peers. 

The event is open to students and professionals with up to 5 years of work experience who identify
as LGBTQ+ and speak one of Central European languages: Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian,
Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, or Ukrainian. All event applications will be reviewed regardless of
the result of any previous applications to McKinsey positions or events.

The application deadline is 1 March.

To learn more, please visit our website.

12/01/2020 - New round of mentoring has kicked off

The new round of mentoring begins! For the details follow this link.Those interested in mentoring please send an email not later than the 23th of February to Eliška Šerhantová. Add your CV and a motivation letter explaining why you are applying for mentoring, which field(s) you are interested in, and what do you think mentoring will bring to you.

02/01/2020 - The Alumna of the Month in December was Kateřina Vrátníková

In December, we interviewed Kateřina Vrátníková, who now works as a senior strategy manager at Lloyds Banking Group in London. In the interview, we discussed Brexit, how to get from Prague to the English bank, but also how to spend noce leisure time in London. Interview and Kateřina's profile can be found here.




15/12/2019 - The 50th St. Gallen Symposium - Global Essay Competition

Would you like to share your vision of the future with international leaders such as Dominic Barton, Professor Niall Ferguson, Sigmar Gabriel, Christine Lagarde, or Jack Ma?

Discuss your ideas with the global elite, create an impact and enjoy an all-expenses-paid trip to Switzerland. Apply until 1 February 2020 and seize the opportunity to qualify as one of 300 “Leaders of Tomorrow” for the 50th St. Gallen Symposium by competing in our global essay competition with a prize money of CHF 20,000. Here some more highlights if you make it to St. Gallen:

§ Meet 600 top managers, entrepreneurs, politicians and scientists from around the world

§ Share your ideas with the symposium’s global audience

§ Small and intimate gatherings with world leaders, exclusively for the Leaders of Tomorrow

§ Meet 300 of the world’s brightest young minds and become member of a global community

The 50th St. Gallen Symposium will be held from 6–8 May 2020 at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, and is devoted to the theme “Freedom Revisited”.

Have a look at competition question and requirements at, register now to receive the latest news and tips, and hand in your essay no later than 1 February 2020.

02/12/2019 - The Alumnus of the Month in November is Radek Němeček

In November we prepared the interview of the month with Radek Němeček. Radek works at SAZKA Group, where he manages relations with investors, media and regulators. In an interview with Radek, you can reads about the lottery industry, important milestones of Radek's career, and he also tells us what he reads in his spare time. You can see the profile and the interview here.






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