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Political Economy of Central Banking and Financial Crises

Principal investigator: doc. PhDr. Adam Geršl Ph.D.
Collaborators: † prof. Ing. Karel Kouba DrSc.
Description: A two-year-project of the GA UK leading to the dissertation thesis that will concentrate on political economy of macroecnomic policies (monetary policy, fiscal policy, exchange rate policy and policies aimed at enhancing financial stability).
Participation: Prof. Ing. Karel Kouba, DrSc. (garant)
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Finance: Grant Agency of Charles University (GA UK)
End date: 12/2005

Political Pressure on Central Banks: The Case of the Czech National Bank


2nd Jean Monnet Workshop, 17.-18.9.2004

European Public Choice Society Annual Meeting, 20.-23.4.2006

Second CEU Graduate Conference in Social Sciences, 5.-7.5.2006

The 1st IES Young Scholar Conference, 22.9.2005

The 4th Europaeum Economic Workshop "Factors, goods, externalities, institutions and mobility in Europe and beyond", 30.9.-1.10.2005

Walter Eucken Institut Workshop Ordnungspolitik und Recht, 8.-10.10. 2004

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