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402/99/0605 (1999-2001) History of the Czech Economic Thought

Principal investigator: † prof. Ing. Milan Sojka CSc.
Description: The submitted research project aims at systematic mapping up of the Czech economic thought in the national sense (not territorial sense -- Böhmisch) since its very dawn till today.
To be able to understand and interpret correctly the ideas and theories of major Czech economists we will insert their thinking into a framework of the economic and social development of their times and into a broader context of external sources of ideas given by the classical political economy, German historical school, Austrian subjective psychological school, Marxism, and later on by keynesian macroeconomics and other streams of economic thought of the 20-th century. In the development of the Czech economic thought after 1948 we want to concentrate as well on the development peripeties of the "official economic science" and the trial of its emancipation and development in 1960s and anew since the end of 1980s as on the contribution of the major Czech economists working in exile. The main outcomes of the research project should consist in two books: Sojka, M. and others History of the Czech Economic Thought (volume of 1200-1600 pp.) and Půlpán, K. and others Readings in the Czech Economic Thought (volume of 800-1000 pp.).
Participation: prof. JUDr. Fratišek Vencovský, CSc., doc. Ing. Karel Půlpán, CSc., doc. Ing. Jiří Havel, CSc., Mgr. Jan Stráský, Mgr. Tomáš Sedláček
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Finance: Czech Science Foundation (GA ČR)
End date: 12/2001

Economic Thoughts of Vaclav Klaus (till 1990)

Havel, J.: Czech Economic Thought. In Holman, R. et al..: History of Economic Thought. 1. vyd. Praha, C. H. BECK, 1999, p. 501-516

Havel, J.: Economic Thought before the Establishment of Classical School. In: Sojka, M.: History of Economic Thought. Praha, Karolinum 2000. Chap. 1 a chap. 20

Sojka, M. a kol.: Dějiny ekonomických teorií, Praha, Karolinum, 2000, str. 298

Sojka, M., Holman R. a kol.: Dějiny ekonomických učení - II. vydání (Kap. Institucionalismus a nová institucionální ekonomie a Keynesiánská ekonomie), Praha, C.H. Beck, 2001

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