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Trust and Cooperation in Economics: An Inquiry into Formal and Empirical Applications

Principal investigator: PhDr. Pavel Štika
Collaborators: PhDr. Jaromír Baxa Ph.D.
prof. RNDr. Jiří Hlaváček CSc.
Description: Our research project is focused on possibilities of formal and empirical applications to phenomenons like trust and cooperation. The theoretical part deals with synthesis of approaches of mainstream economics (Becker, Benabou), streams of economic psychology (Simon, Frei) and economics of trust, altruism, reciprocity etc. (Zamagni, Bruni, Etzioni, Sen, Hollis, Mlcoch, Hlavacek). The synthesis is built on the post-clasical methodological realism, characterized by an environment of fundamental uncertainty and procedural rationality of the decision maker. Specification of methodolgy and basic theoretical model are subject of the first part.
The second part is devoted to measurement of social capital in transition countries. The main aim is to show that social capital can be used as sufficient and operationalisable approximation of informal institutions suitable for the measurement of the quality of institutional environment.
In the third part we will introduce a model capturing a dynamics of social relationships in the society.
The last part of our project is devoted to the legacy of Karl Polanyi's book The Great Transformation. Its main contribution seems to be in the concept of embeddness of the economy in both economic and cultural institutions like social cohesion, trust and values.
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End date: 2008

Cooperative Behavior and Economic Growth

Cooperative Behavior and Economic Growth


European Society of the History of Economic Thought Conference

Mathematical Methods in Economics 2009




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