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GDN - Local Government Efficiency: The Case of Czech Municipalities

Řešitel: PhDr. Lenka Šťastná Ph.D.
Spolupracovníci: doc. PhDr. Martin Gregor Ph.D.
Popis: We aim to measure efficiency of local public spending of 205 Czech municipalities with socalled “extended powers”. Municipalities at this level constitute micro-regions comprising typically exactly one town or city. The municipalities are responsible for social transfers, social care, water industry, environmental protection and regional infrastructure. We will measure public spending efficiency through established quantitative indicators of the provision of education, social care, recreational facilities, and infrastructure. Next, we will test for the effects of demographic and economic variables upon the efficiency: We shall consider, among others, population density, share of population with tertiary education, grants from the upper level of government, government debt, proximity to a large city, and business activity within the region. We are particularly interested in the effect of political variables such as party fragmentation, ideology, and voters’ envolvement. We will employ three approaches: data envelopment analysis, stochastic frontier analysis, and free-disposable hull analysis. The results will be reported both as efficiency rankings and efficiency maps in the geographical software ArcGIS. The chief source of data will be ARIS, a rich public spending database of the Ministry of Finance in the Czech Republic, with ime span of 2003-2007, possibly extended into 2001-2008 period.
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Finance: CERGE-EI Foundation under a program of the Global Development Network
Konec: 8.2010

Cities: An Analysis of the Post Communist Experience, 11th GDN Global Development Conference

Cities: An Analysis of the Post-Communist Experience

Prague Economic Meeting 2011




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